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The Aussie Rugby Wrap and Popboomerang Codeword


Mr. Laxative

Guys, first of all my second episode is UP!!

Check it out: The Aussie Rugby Wrap

Anyway, what this thread is for is the weekly codeword! I am announcing a deal with Popboomerang Records where listeners to the podcast and members of this forum can receive a discount on any album (not single or EP) in the Popboomerang range!

If you like some of the music you hear now playing in my show, you can go to Popboomerang to order CD's. If you mention the current codeword in the order you'll receive a reasonable discount of up to AUS $5. The codeword has been revealed on the podcast and now that, that is done I'm bringing it to TRF.

This weeks codeword is:


Hey Mr L, I'm back after my 3 week illness, which included a hole in the eardrum - really badly painful! Ha! Anyway, these two eps have been great. Well done.
Thankyou very much...

I had a slight mic problem with Ep 2, so the sound isn't perfect - I don't think - what do others think???
Mr L, could I have a little 5-10 minute from you for Sunday's new edition of The Rugby Show. Cheers, and, can I use music from Popboomerang?