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The Benefits Of Rucking



Rugby has gone soft.They need to bring back a certain amount of biff to spice it up. Nowadays if you ruck a player excessively - you are sent to the sin bin.
Rucking has a couple of benefits that can help eliminate problems in the modern game.
1.) Causes players to hesitate when thinking about using their hands in ruck situations.
2.)You can forcefully remove a lazy player who is intentionally lying over the ball in an effort to kill the ruck.
Gone are the days when you can give a player a good shoeing I'm afraid. You can still rake him with your studs to get him out of the way but there has to be a penalty for just stamping on someone out of spite.

Who was the All Black who stamped on that England player in 2003 (the test where England held there own line with 13 men I think)
And who was the Englishman who stamped on a Kiwi player? [/b]

There was soft-lad Grewcock who punched someone and I think Dallaglio was sin-binned too so possibly that was what you are thinking of. I do remember a kiwi just stamping on an England player's head though. Ref didn't see anything I don't think. It was way OTT. I was in a pub in NZ at the time and there was a collective "Ooooof" when they replayed it.
I was at training last night, playing game called 'Bruise Up'. Basically 10 on 10 in quite a small area. I was going around punching my own team mates in the face for holding on to the ball and using the hands, and I got it in return. Afterwards, we were all laughing and joking and the best of friends again. I think most rugby players, proper ones anyway, don't really mind a bit of rough and rumble if they give it out themselves. It's really just part of the game.

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