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The best full back

1. Hernandez
2. Muliania
3. Latham? De Marigny? Montgomery? Dempsey? Thomas?

Hernandez is the only one that stands out to me.
oh the josh lewsey vote did make me chuckle :) its got to be Latham hasnt it? ha , but thanks for the giggle :)
Hernandez looks the goods...

Lathem's good has vision and busting skills but looks overweight and runs like a fat loosie..lol

"just my personal opinion" :D
Latham needs to establish himself again. Muliaina is nothing special. Hernandez is excellent ... but the guy on form is Percy.

Anyway, Girvan Dempsey is the best ... because he scores international tries.
What's so special about Montgomery?? IMO, all he;s good at is kicking for goals from any direction & kicking for territories....that's about it. His defence is average, he doesnt offer much in counter-attacking or in any attcking situation for that matter.

Latham was good...but he's only played a few mins of competitive rugby this year so I cant rank him yet now. Muliaina was pretty much average for the All Blacks...not convincing but (it hurts me to say this) I think McDonald has played some outstanding football so far this year.

I also havent seen much on Hernandez (except for that hit on Tuilagi and his try in the Heineken Cup) so I cant judge him yet.

So if I have to judge the fullbacks, it would only be from the SH because I havent seen many footages of NH games:

1. Leon McDonald :wall:

2. Cory Jane

BUT Best Fullbacks of All-Time:

1. Serge Blanco

2. Christian Cullen

3. Andre Joubert
Best Fullback in the world!!!

1. Mills Muliaina

2. Leon Macdonald

3. Chris Latham

4. Percy Montgomery

the rest are on the same boat
<div class='quotemain'> What's so special about Montgomery??

his strikingly good looks and flowing blonde locks :cheers:
Looking up to a fellow man for such reasons deserves -3rep! Unless you have "reason"...then of course its alrite.

Anyone who disagrees is a communist!!!

I take it Hernandez is in the running for more than that one hit (which IMO was more of a 'push hit out of bounds' than a hit. Now Bruce on Vesty, that was better)
Tuilagi doesn't fall to the floor thanks to a "push"
That guys needs to be hit to go over the way he did.
But i hardly believe everyone is choosing Hernandez because of one tackle.
i'd also go for J. Robinson ... btw will he play the wc ?

and for all times blanco would be good

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