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    Interesting article on

    If I understand things correctly, Bourgoin will spend 10 million Euro´s this season which is more than they will make. The club covers a large region of France including the Alps and big cities like Lyon (3rd in France) and St Ettienne which both hosted World Cup matches to fullhouses in 2007. Bourgoin has not used these venues but did host SF Paris last season fto a near fullhouse in Grenoble. The same venue will be used to host Perpignan shortly. Bourgoin´s home venue is too small at around 12,000 in capacity. The club is looking to Lyon Olympique Universitaire to be a solution. It is, of course, in the second division but is located in Lyon which is a very big city and has no Top 14 team.

    A group called GL Events who own 56% of the club are seemingly interested. As I understand things, they are trying to get Olympique Lyonnais (France´s best soccer club) who own the 42,000 venue used at the Rugby World Cup (full crowds for New Zealand vs Portugal, Australia vs Japan and Argentina vs Georgia) to allow them to use the stadium. It was great for Perpignan vs SF Paris in the semi final in May too. There is a massive crowd base waiting.

    So Bourgoin-Jaillieu to become Bourgoin-Lyon?
    I want Lyon in the Top 14. Less from the southwest is already happening and this is great for France.

    Could Bourgoin join legally? Would the team automatically be a Top 14 side or would it need to qualify like Montepellier did, for instance?
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    The merger between Bourgoin and Lyon OU will take a couple of week, although emotionnaly dificult for club fans it somehow make sense.

    The region had 1 club at bottom of top 14 and 4 in pro D2 last year (Bourgoin, LOU, Oyonnax, Bourg, Grenoble), that 's probably too many to hope for a top spot in the top 14.

    As the football club (OL) is supposed to move to a new stadium in the near future, the current football pitch would become available for big rugby games, the company GL has promised that 2/3 of the games would still be played at Rajon.

    The addition of LOU budget to Bourgoin budget would place the team in the top bracket of top 14.

    GL events board still need to approve the deal.

    Business logic is clear but it remains difficult to assess whether Bourgoin fans will folllow.
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