The Luke Watson debacle

Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by QKXV, Oct 13, 2008.

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    Sure some of you must have by now heard about Luke WAtson's latest saga, for those that don't, see if you can find some information on his mpost recent comments. If the report is true then here ismy thoughts

    It seems then that Cheeky Watson is trying to realise his springbok dreams through Luke if you go by Luke's comments that he was only a psroingbok because of his father.

    Luke is apparently a religious man... there is a stark similarity between Luke's attitude towards the Springbok and the three men that Nebuchadnezzar threw in the fire because they would not fall to their knees and pray to his image.

    Just like them Luke is saying that he's not falling on his knees and praying to an image, how incredibly noble and awe inspiring to make such a stand....

    BUT the difference is that Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego did not fall on their knees when they heard the horn and nothing would make them do it, they faced death by fire.... Luke on the other hand did.... he accepted it, he pulled the jersey brandishing the image he deplores over his head and he sang the anthem clutching at the symbol of the bok on his heart and standing shoulder to shoulder with his team mates.

    Now if he truly was such a martyr for the cause and upstanding morally correct crusader, Luke Asher WAtson would have shunned the 'invitation' to play for the Bok in 07 - and then when faced with the fire he would have made his stand and given his reasons clearly and concisely - a Protest that would have sent ripples through the rugby world because it would have been done by not falling on his knees and pray to the Springbok, he would have emerged from the fire unscathed and full of integrity. Now all he is if these reports are true is a double standard Springbok whore - Hypocrite

    Luke says that Danie Craven have said that no player of colour would play the sport but we've come a long way since those days - Doc Craven was obviously wrong and he lived in a time where those beliefs was the norm -even though it was wrong, he did not have Cheeky's open mind to disagree with it, that doesn't make him an evil person. Today we've got world class players that are South African from both european descent and african descent.

    The struggle is over, Cheeky and Luke are the only remnants of it because it's a tool that elevates them to a moral high ground above the 'operessor' (whose children may I add, had nothing to do with orchestrating apartheid), without something to fight for they become just another family, but as long as they can keep the seperation between black and white alive they have a purpose.

    South Africa, unite behind the Bok like we did on the day Mandela himself danced in a Springbok shirt, do not let this fool strike a wedge between us in the name of so called transormation any longer, and do not let false prophets brandishing the same labels (i.e Komphela) do the same any longer.

    True transformation comes from seperating oneself from the past and living independently from the prejudices of our fathers. You should try it sometime Luke.

    Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it.
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    That was absolutely brilliantly put.

    wellcome back QKXV, where've you been ?
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    Want me to keep the thread open?
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