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The new AB kit

Smart move by the French but I still think the ABs will be strong if they meet in World Cup. And about that X on the back of the shirt, I think it's attached on the inside of the shirt meaning Nick Evans must be wearing the shirt 'inside-out'? I dunno but maybe. Anyways they wouldn't wear 2 layers of material over the top.

The "X" on the back of the shirt is from the new base layer from Adidas. They use TPU Bands to help muscles move better, or something like that.
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am I the only one seeing no freaking difference between the new jersey and the previous one ???
That's a lot to do with it being black! :p

The difference is an embost fern in the material.
^^ That and the cross your back wonder bra with the white cross for underneath....

Neee-aaar, faaaaaar..... the cross ur heart braaaaaaaa ( to the tune of Saline Dions music to sink ships by)
yeah so long as that cross isn't apparent while they're playing then it's an interesting alteration of their kit. definitely better than that weird ass jersey they had in 2000 with like a rib cage outline in shiny black on it.
We've got this AWESOME adidas poster in our shop window (about 6 feet in height) with Dacn Carter, Richie Mcaw and Mils Muliaina all standing there in their All Blacks test jersey.
The three look absolutely ripped and the top is like a second skin to them, it looks very cool and very impressive.
You'd like the jersey even more if you saw that photo.
It's Alright, you can never do much with all blacks kits or else you'll just ruin the tradition.
did they use it in the game against france? because, i didn't notice the fern on the side.
Yes, and you didn't notice them because they're not that noticeable, thus keeping the "All Black" in The All Blacks.
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What's the deal with that cross on the back, and where did you see them Matt?
I don't believe that is an gameplaying jumper - it's just something they can wear while training or something that is worn underneath the actual jumper.

Yeap! The cross would be more suitable for Scotland...

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