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The Trf Rl2 Comp!



OK, from what I gather a lot of people on this board will be getting the game on both PC and PS2. Now, considering this, it only seems logical that we set up some sort of online tournament for both platforms with all the interested members.
If you're interested post here and we'll start compiling a list. Also, if you have any suggestions on how you think the competition should work, add them in as well and we'll all have a vote on the preferred method.

Here's the list so far (which will be continuely updated):

PC players:


PS2 Players:

The G man (also known as Gay-Guy)
Im game......

Just signed up and registered my playstation at www.playstation.co.nz

Now they are gonna send me a CD to show how to get it up and running online. I'll have to go and buy the neccessary equipment. I have a non slim line ps2 so what else do i need (already have an ADSL modem for the computer).

Can't wait to go online.........nobody here anymore to play with.........
Wont be ready till next gen,

u know............it wont happen overnight............but it will happen
i am keen for pc

i can't wait for it really not long to go now... well there is a bit of time but less than a month to go
havn't had that kind of countdown since september o_O

my flatmate might be keen for playstation but we will ahve to set him up over the network for it
PC for me.

My PS2 Network Adapter is reserved for Madden, Killzone and NBA 2K6.
<- PS2.

From my online players list I think the tournaments for PS2 will be quite small but hey, we can try.
Originally posted by woosaah@Nov 10 2005, 03:52 PM
i am just getting it on pc for the modding abilities
I'm getting it on both, but I'll predominantly play the PC version because of the same reason... and of course because the game should look kick arse on my PC, which is still a relatively high end machine running with a AMD AthlonXP 3200+, 1 gig ram and an Nvidia 6800GT (got a 19" LCD moniter too
) ...
I seriously can't wait till all the windfeild cup patches, 70's patches (which will be even cooler now with the option of playing the GF at the SCG!!), 80's patches etc...
i went and asked around for a network adapter for my ps2 and they don't sell it no more coz it didn't really sell that well.. shattered.. trademe is my last hope!
pc for me and pc only is that is the only thing I have. I did make a suggestion that we could have like a proper tournament with 15 players controling an nrl team each and maybe run it along side the real thing next year. only problem is some people may not have that much time so we could maybe still have the 15 teams but shorten the roud robin down from 24 rounds maybe to half like 12 maybe. I guess we can work this all out when the game comes out.
yeah me too mate. should be able to get 15 pc players easily and have a test comp of it before maybe running it in realtim along side the actual nrl next year.
Xbox live has taken over. And aparently if you have a slim line PS2 there should be a built-in network adaptor.

Bought one and some point, but never used it so got my money back on it.
Originally posted by 187@Nov 10 2005, 07:54 PM
i went and asked around for a network adapter for my ps2 and they don't sell it no more coz it didn't really sell that well.. shattered.. trademe is my last hope!
i'm in the same boat

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