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so heres the chance to put your favourite, most dynamic (hem hem) posters into something that resembles a team. if possible give a little explaination for why you picked him/her in that position etc.
13 Feicarsinn- Intelligent, creative and oh so modest
I nominate myself for tight-head prop.

3. Juggernaut

Why?? 115kg of pure muscle, that's why. If it wasnt for my back injury, Carl Hayman would be unemployed. :p
11. allyoop - I have been to Canteburys for Sprints twice in the last 3 years missing out once because i was sick when we got to try out. I am also very fit and have been to the New Zealand Cross Country Champs.
This thread already exists somewhere, but meh :p

I nominate myself for any of the back row positions (6,7,8)...however #8 is my preferred position.

Why? I don't need a reason :D
Either of the original versions of Team TRF will end up destroying this one should they ever cross swords.
lol sorry did you just try to win an arguement by saying "yeah well im older" or something along those lines?
ill be the ref..coz im older then you by 80years and i sleep with children of 11years of age..there for i have greater experience...plus more stripes on my 'official' referee jacket i got from kmart!...

the original trf team?..the one i ran..**** where is that list?...i remember wally and rassie were fighting over a position hahaha..

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