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Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by NZL Fan, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    ....don't you just love them...........(from the official SIDHE forum)

    Originally Posted by TripleM
    "Its obvious that the AI is cheating".

    MARIO: "You are mistaken. The AI doesn't cheat.
    The AI can only achieve what is achievable to the player at any given time."

    Originally Posted by parraeels_05premiers
    "How bought this- you guys make a decent game that isnt full of flaws, has decent graphics and release it on time!!! Oh, wait this is SIDHE that dosent happen. All we get is a game that looks and plays like RL1 (which was crap) and arrives 3 months later than first advertised".

    ALAN: er, have you actually played the game? i suggest you take your exagerations elsewhere - criticism is welcome, outright BS is not. (touchy.....)

    Originally Posted by parraeels_05premiers
    "Well if this game is so greatly improved from RL1 and has so many new and exciting features, why have 90% of the threads that have been started here since it's release, been in regards to bugs, flaws and inaccuracies of the game highlighting how really it hasnt improved much at all?"

    ALAN: "Again, you dramatically overstate the item in question."90%"?Yeah, right.
    Please don't expect any form of reasoned debate when this is all you bring to the table.
    Slap down some facts or opinion and we'll take them on board and thank you for it - positive, negative, indifferent - come what may.
    Wave this kind of crap around and we'll simply ignore you - keep doing so and we'll ban you. It's not unreasonable."
    (Alan starts uncontrollably raising right hand out on a angle straight in front of him......)

    Funnily enough "David Brent" didn't get an answer from SIDHE on his excellent post.........

    "RL2Addict hit the nail on the head with this post but no one responed to it!
    and what about those offloads out of 2 man tackles, human players can not do this!

    Sorry, but that's laughable.

    If someone is good enough to throw a 4 man cutout pass left, followed by a 5 man cutout pass to the right, followed by a 3 man cutout pass back to the left without...

    a) being called for a foward pass

    [​IMG] being intercepted

    c) knocking it on

    Then i'll believe you Mario, but things the AI does is IMPOSSIBLE to do yourself. And that's not even taking into account they rarely miss tackles when mine increase 300%, they rarely knock on, and the only method of getting the ball is intercepting their crazy offloads (which happen regularly, but are nullified the moment i pass the ball when my player knocks on)."

    Mind you theres always the real doozy from Mario in the official FAQ to enjoy..........

    How are teams for mid season representative games selected?

    "These are selected automatically based on player form throughout the season" (yeah right.....)
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  3. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    Meah. I think Sidhe are taking a ridiculous amount of crap over an ok game.

    A few people decided they really hated the game, others probably found parts of it they didn't like and thought they'd jump on the bandwagon.

    It didn't help that it on the Sidhe forums there was far too much hype. It was always going to fall short of the hype but since it was so hyped up there was further to fall.

    I recommend people that may have read the above post and decided this game is ****, try the game, make up their own mind anyway, blank these and other negative comments out completely so you don't focus on them.
  4. CeeJay

    CeeJay Guest

    All of those points about the AI cheating are valid, infact most complaints about this game are valid. But its still a fun game, and im still playing it. I think everyone should try it for themselves, but dont ignore these problems, being aware of all the flaws will lead you to hav realistic expectations and less dissapointment.

    Dont you love it how the sidhe guys respond to everything but the post that actually should be responding 2. The original post was by RL2addict and it was ignored and then reiterated with some emphasis by davidbrent and still ignored. Its so frustrating over at the RL2 forums when someone finally makes a a good point they get ignored.
  5. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    the sidhe forum is just a laughable house of BS

    u get BS from the kids
    u cop BS from the hosts
    u read quality feedback, that is ignored - thus BS
    and then u have the 1000 threads per day - more BS

    yet Sidhe claim - This place isnt the kidding this place got even smarter, coz we learn, and have evolved into the #1 Rugby forum for gaming and try our best to help the genre.....which obviously based on their own house rules is not aloud.

    Oh its just soo funny.........and just makes us look smaller to them...coz we so high, and they stoop even lower............the gap widens, got a sore neck...sidhe do.....

    ak47 looks down............squinces his eyes, and focuses on the small matter down below........cop that spit!!!

    Sidhe are from that the full name for a WELL?
  6. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Agreed ak,

    What's the bet Mario still trowls around these forums checking ou the opposition...
  7. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    100% correct

    u wont get much from his place with all that under 12 banter and SPAM

    am still awaiting for the wiggles thread in sidhe's off-topic
  8. Parore

    Parore Guest

    doubt it
  9. They usually dont respond to comments that are on the money as they would look foolish trying to defend themselves.

    Im sure they still check out these forums, more fool them if they dont. No one wanted them to leave, they should have just took the valid criticism on the chin and learn from it like any good developer would.

    I for one would welcome Alan and Mario back on here. I certainly have nothing against them and hope they continue their work on Rugby League hopefully taking into account some of the criticisms.

    In my view RL2 has clearly been directed at a younger market and I think that shows in the fact they have marketed the graphics, franchise and online play when there are still gameplay issues. The youngsters will overlook most gameplay problems as long as they see a good likeness of Sonny Bill running around.

    BTW The Wiggles would be over most peoples heads on the RL2 forum.
  10. esoj

    esoj Guest

    knowsley I am sure you and others would welcom them back so you can continue from where you left off.

    why should sidhe respond to crap like that in the first post. they are just having a go at sidhe because in thieir view the game sucks and therefore they hate sidhe. so even though mario and alan both replied people still go on and on. these kind of people will never be satisfied just like some on this forum won't be and restort to having a go at sidhe and mario which i guess makes them feel better but utimately doesn't achieve anything.
  11. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    hahaha, you are such a spastic.

    Are you saying we should just be like you and Gol and gush all over the game and not point out any of the bad points of the game? How are they meant to improve the game if all they are getting are "OMG THIS GAME IS THE BEST EVAR!!1 122124/10!!!."

    Take a look back, Knowls and co's posts, they have all been the same. Level headed and fair, pointing out legititmate concerns and faults which must be addressed if they seriously expect to survive in this cut throat industry. Just because its the only League game, doesnt mean they can be slack.
  12. esoj

    esoj Guest

    lol if you have read any of my posts you would notice i have pointed out faults in the game as well. some posts have been fine for sure but other I don't think otherwise alan and mario would still be here. the game does have bugs that is a given but it is not the worst game ever and imo i don't think sidhe have been slack at all and have taken rugby gaming a long way forward.
  13. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    The whole point of this thread is not really about the game itself, but about how far the developers PR skills/manners have fallen since those "pre RL1" days..................

    To state matter of factly that the "AI doesn't cheat" (Mario), and then back that up by abusing/threatening other posters who's views are valid (Alan), smacks of unprofessionalism. Even PES5, with one of the best AI's of any sports game on the market today "cheats" in some respect on higher levels of difficulty, it is just so well hidden that the player doesn't even realise what is really occuring - as it should be.

    I mean, on one hand Alan says tell us some facts and lay them down on the table, then when someone does just that the developers decide not to answer anyhow??

    I know, you know (including you JJ), everybody knows that the computer AI in RL2 (and RL1 for that matter)"cheats", at least on the higher levels. They can offload in any given situation - I've had them down on the ground in a 2 man tackle and suddenly the ball will pop up perfectly to a supporting player somehow...............on the top levels they throw multiple, perfectly placed, impossible long passes that you havn't a hope in hell of copying.

    Treating us like little kids by telling us otherwise is pure crap.

    Has Mario/Alan ever answered on the SIDHE forum the many questions there regarding why rep teams are obviously NOT picked on form when in the official FAQ of the game Mario says they are??? - not from what I've witnessed - I wonder why.........

    RL2 itself is playable, but average in the all important gameplay stakes when compared to other sporting games available today. It has in it's favour the fact that it is the only console representation of the game of rugby league, hence many will overlook its obviously gameplay flaws and enjoy the game for that very fact.

    Good on you if you are one of these people - enjoy.

    If SIDHE is really serious about producing an outstanding game with RL3 they will still check out this forum for good ideas and constructive comment - something tells me however that they won't, and are setting off in a very different direction to that which most on here are proposing........
  14. esoj

    esoj Guest

    mario or alan did post somewhere that form was one factor involved and not the sole judgement of players getting into rep teams. some people will never be happy unless they get pes or madden type game
  15. NZL Fan

    NZL Fan Guest

    To be totally honest I'd be happy for ANY rugby game to get the fundimentals of rugby gameplay correct (effective user controlled running, passing, kicking and tackling, set piece play and an AI capable of a decent challenge without getting an obvious unfair advantage) - forget the flashy cut scenes/graphics/franchise mode - that could wait for following versions.........

    ..........surely in todays gaming environment that isn't too much to ask??
  16. sanzar

    sanzar Guest

    I think it is a valid comment though... Mario and co really did make it sound as though rep teams would be picked on stats and form for added realism, but it's just not the case... they should have included an option to pick the team yourself, but for some reason they decided against it.
  17. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Whats wrong with us expecting a PES or Madden game?

    We only have so much money, and if we find PES and Madden better, why should we give them up for an inferior product.
  18. esoj

    esoj Guest

    everything is wrong with that. sidhe cannot match that yet they simply don't have the money to compete with it. money buys resources and development time that sidhe don't have. if you were expecting a madden or pes level game then no wonder why you are disappointed. Sidhe imo have donw wonders with what they have and hopefully will continue from where they have started.

    not every game mets the level that that madden or pes does so you must be very disappointed with a lot of games then. sure money is not unlimited that is why it is good to buy league because it is a niche game and maybe one day if people keep buying it will reach the level of madden and pes. and pes and madden started out crap as well and look where they are now. league is off to a good start and i think it has a bright future. if you prefer pes and madden then stick to them as any games outside of them will disappoint you and make you feel like you are being robbed. the rest of us though will enjoy the efforts sidhe and swordfish make in trying to get the game we love into the best game possible
  19. Serge

    Serge Guest

    Therefore shouldn't the game have a lower price tag seeing less money was put into it?
  20. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    Exactly. The EA Sports 06 range came out at 69.95 each (at least FIFA, NASCAR, NBA Live and Madden did) while RL2 came out at 99.95.
  21. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    hmmmmm [​IMG]

    is that you mario?
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