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Those Crazy Sidhe Guys...........

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What a lovely poem. Could've been better without the (zing!) don't you think?

Los Lover

Originally posted by St Helens RLFC+Jan 15 2006, 08:50 AM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (St Helens RLFC @ Jan 15 2006, 08:50 AM)</div>
@Jan 15 2006, 08:33 AM

From what it seems in that thread, so did everyone else.
yes unfortunately the sheep tend to flock to the shepherd no matter how cruel or unjustified he may be........sheep are, of course, practically the dumbest animals on earth. oh well......as green day said, "I wanna be the minority!!" damn straight.

also, all this rugby 2005 was average at best blah blah.....they made WCR2 with the speed bar again...that says it all really. God bless trev (yes I have forgiven him) but should not have let that happen and yes, it is their last rugby game..and that is fine.

"Now EA cab make crap"...Kaftka!!! plse.....
their most recent offering, with competition, is by most accounts quite something......any improvement on it will be quite something again yeah? So what do you mean? we are taken care of finally and can rest easy.

It is league and an improvement to the cricket games we are given that we need improvements on now....not rugby. Rugby's position gaming-wise will be as strong as ever with Rugby06's release by the looks of it. 'Primo' I say.

Oh, and I was kicked off sidhe's forum's too...of course I kicked their asses two weeks from sunday with a four-page annihilation of everything from their scamming pre-order insistence to their fibs about certain aspects of the game.....oh and my user name was Marioisac***....I guess that made it hard for Mario and the sheep to hear what I had to say.

Looky, looky now.....Now they are getting it from all sides. yet I am still an ahole who talks ******** apparently......why is it people who find that what someone said was true, when they said it wasn't themselves, can't be big boys like some in the forum (thank you) in admitting that that person was actually right and show some humility....hell, even praise them for having the balls etc.....I would. However in this case, I was the one with the nuts, so I will expect nothing.


Prince EWS

Originally posted by doovepop@Jan 27 2006, 04:10 PM
look what the guys wrote once they banned me again.

You have been banned for the following reason:
Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Hopoate is banned, and so are you (zing!)

Date the ban will be lifted: Never
Sounds like something Dwayne would say.

St Helens RLFC

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