Tiger Woods 2008 X360 review

Discussion in 'General Gaming Chat' started by ak47, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    EA got serious……..many would say too serious……veterans will say, lets play

    Tiger Woods 2008 - is up there as the pinnalce sports game on X360 – with Madden

    Its sooooooooooo massive, yet gettable to finish and complete

    u can set the quota of rounds in tournies - so i made normal tournies 2 rounds, and majors 4 rounds..............

    16 tournies per PGA season............5 years per career...none of this 48 tournament per year CRAP.

    FEDEX system - if ur in the top FEDEX ranking by end of each year u compete in the FEDEX Champs.

    New 3 click swing system – IS OK IT’S A GOOD OPTION, as that’s what we want is OPTIONS - after going thru the tutorial of analogue swing - i now hit 95% perfect shots with my statless chump, yet still my avg per round is 73 after playing 3 rounds - as my distance and other things are puss,

    Analogue swing tutorial teaches u what new in the swing mechanic, which is called TEMPO, and plays a massive part in the accuracy...slow and steady, not neccesarily 6pm 12pm up down.


    this game thrives on giving u the option to switch STICKS, as its bang, the 1st option i saw with controls!!!! - for those right handed stick flickers

    pro shop is back, and as big as 2004 - MAKERS OF MADDEN TIBURON HAVE GIVEN TIGER WOODS STEROIDS IN DEPTH, and customization

    I am in the game - photomask lurker!!!!!!! XBOX LIVE VISION CAM, or upload ur own photo via internet – its scary – its me in a game

    Havent gone online yet, but we already know EA 2008 online is flawless!!!

    Gamernet thingy with challengers provide hours upon hours of endless fun and possibilities – this feature means the game has no limits

    Daily EA sports online tournaments with in game purse$$$ - EA sports set the settings, so everyone is on the same playing field - everyday - 1 round - can u win, can u beat the best - this is EVERYDAY - like FORZA2 tournaments!!!!

    Graphics are 10% better than previous tigers - massive difference

    Confidence metre is brilliant, and plays a part in your shot...........for eg, i have hit 2 bad pitch shots from a total of about 50, so my pitch shot circle is WHITE and small....this is massive element of the game, and is why hitting over hazards will bring in an element of risk (massive circle with parts in the hazard), thus making u go around the hazard

    Over 60 challenges from match play to a game of closest to pin.

    Stats go up more in PGA season.........so u go straight into the TOUR, as a rookie, struggling to break 80.

    Putting – best ever in a long time……….it get easy when I figure it out, but I believe Tiburon has formulated this game to make putting easier, and the REST simulated – so ur not farking around on the green, intead ur spending minutes per hole trying to earn ur GIR, once ur on the green, its over pretty quick, but my average birdie putt has been over 20ft, as getting GIR is a challenge in itself (my GIR stats are 43%!!!!)………………there is a lot of up n down par saves because of this.

    There is a putt preview to see where ur putt is going to go…….u only get 1 look at thise, so line up ur putt first then look at preview, and adjust if need be speed, line and length – its important to get close on the first look, so ur adjustments are minimal nullifying risk.

    sinking that 20footer for birdie is more satisfying than ever as, because of the above elements of the game………..speed and line are more related than anyother tiger…like real life, if u hit hard the break is minimal, and this is more severe than other tigers, so u gotto be careful if ur putt preview hits the side lip, and whether u adjust the speed, or the line of the putt – doing both in this instance can cause a massive mis-read.

    And this is on balanced difficulty – there are 4




    Pro Tour mode (I think its called these, but there are 4, and I am on the 2nd easiest, so I think once my stats increase, I will move up, as putting WILL become a 2nd after thought, once I max out my putt and luck stats)

    Overall – Tiger Woods 2008

    Best golf game of all time…….the closest iteration of the sport – bringing all the simulated elements to your living room…sound, vision and conditions all infiltrate ur mind, and u start to think ur on the course proper…………Tiburon have brought customization to a new level so u can select how simulated u want it, and how deep u want career mode to be – full flagged 4 rounders, or 2 rounders, 1 rounders……like setting the minutes in a soccer of NFL game..u can also simulate of skip tournaments, to fastforward to that UNWINNABLE MAJOR

    I CANT GAUGE ONLINE YET……..I am still a nuffy with no abilities, and will get worked by the average hack…………which means this game is 3 dimensional, its got a single player mode u cannot neglect…….online gamernet mode that provide endless possibilities, and challenges and standard online mode of head to head, or tournies

    p.s My longest post of all time…………it deserves it own thread, every word, and punctuation!!
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  3. mikey85

    mikey85 Guest

    From the demo I didn't like it at all the new swing system isn't great I am sticking with 07 for now it seems to be a lot better. Maybe if I got the game my opinion would change but at the moment 07 is a better game and I agree with gamespots review
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    u cant agree with any review from a demo mate

    ur not even using ur created golfer, or using the customisation of diffculty, or length of tournies

    more courses than 07

    but 2008 gave me the RROD - which has now been patched on live, so i am awaiting my xbox to be returned fixed, so i can go online and rip the world
  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I may just get the Demo tonight then, possibly get a copy next week when I do the shopping (after getting paid). 06 put me off the Tiger Woods series mind.
  6. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    06 on X360did the same to me - and i only played 07 a little bit, because i wanted more courses, and online in 07 was glitched out

    08 - has delivered - i have played more of 2008 than 2007 already.

    M$ have emailed me saying they have received my X360 and will be returning it upon fixed - hopefully by friday
  7. eze76

    eze76 Guest

    i hope that tw08 has been better than tw07 in the pgatour custom courses
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