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Tiger Woods 10 Wii



Well i was surpised to find that my wife had picked up TW10 with the motion plus adaptor as a off the cuff gift.
Unfortunately, i repaid this generosity by playing it unashamadely for hours on end.

I decided to go for the Advanced swing option with precision putting from the start - the hardest settings in the game.
Now where my first few tournaments were embarrassing to say the least (+13, +18 etc..) I have now got the hang of it.
The learning curve this way is crazily steep, but it's so much more satisfying when you start playing well.

The disc golf mode is a great laugh, though you probably will just give it a go and that'll be it.

All other usual Tiger modes are still there (Party mode etc.), but a nice new couple of additions are the online integration ones.
You can play a tournament that is currently going on and the real-time scores of the players will be updated as you go along, therefore you can play in the masters against the real folk as it's happening. The other is the real-time weather option using the forecast channel. You can have whatever weather is currently happening on any given course simulated on your one as you play.
All very nice!

I would say to all to get this, even if for the adaptor alone!
Agreed... despite lacking the graphical splendour of the PS3 / 360 versions, the MotionPlus controls make this is absolutely quality... it's difficult but INCREDIBLY rewarding.
I'm really enjoying this game. The one thing that always bugged me playing these games in the past was the putting and how the players would take the same huge swing no matter where they were on the green. Still happens with the AI players but they got the putting mechanics right for me this time. It works exactly how I always hoped it would, longer swing for longer putt, shorter swing for shorter putt. The precision putting works great.

27 courses!, Disc golf is pretty cool plus there are so many other mini games and options to tweak the game playing experience. This will keep me going for ages.

I recommend it to everyone who has a Wii.
It's definitely worth getting MotionPlus too though... without that, it's a decent game, but not AS entertaining or rewarding

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