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Tiger Woods 10



Just want to put an early plug in for the Wii version for those 1 or two that own one.

The Wii motion plus has added a greater sense of 1:1 realism and I can't wait to try it out on my big screen projector. The add on has not been set for release and may not come out at the same time as the game itself but when it does I think the game will be very realistic and heaps of fun with mates.

I espescially like how they have improved the putting using the new peripheral, the way putting worked has always been a let down for me but it has improved heaps and looks like how I always wanted it to be now so I'm really keen to give it a crack.

You can find a hands on preview plus 2 clips giving you an idea how they improved the gameplay using the new add on peripheral.

this is looking great and one of the few decent third party wii games that come out each year. there is a chance the game is going to be ready before nintendo is ready to deploy wii motion plus but the game will have all the motion plus stuff in there so all you have to do is plug the motion plus in and go swinging

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