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My Brother met them in Paris this week end in the museum "Quai Branly"
They are all very nice guys, really, allowing peoples to take pictures with them.
This is just a topic to say hat off to Tonga not only for their good performance but also for their good spirit.
This is why the world cup must remain with any kind of teams, the weak, average and stronger teams all together. :bravo: :bana: :bravo:


Agreed they certainly did themselves proud this year, especially in pushing both the Boks and England.

While I doubt this will now help them become a "world force" per se, they wil have done enough to capture the imagination of many youngf players troughout the world. Their performances this year have definately helped the game overall.

And the IRB want to get riud of teams such as Tonga and create a 2 tier world cup. The fools.


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