Top 10 TV Shows Evarr!

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by RC, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. RC

    RC Guest

    Ok, i'm enjoying seeing what people are watching at the moment.
    It gives me a good heads up as to what i could maybe start getting into.
    So i got onto thinking what would be everyone's top 10 tv programmes ever.

    I'm gonna have a long hard think of mine first...
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  3. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    1. The Wire - best drama series ever made.

    2. Dexter - completely innovative take on gory drama

    3. Top Gear - the 3 presenters could do the show about flowers and it would still be incredible. Enthusiasm, chemistry, humour and great ideas that never seem to run out... brilliant.

    4. Tribe - I want to be Bruce Parry when I grow up.

    5. Derren Brown - his tricks are incredibly planned and impossible to understand, and he admits there's no magic involved.

    6. Peep Show - one of the best sitcoms ever

    7. Green Wing - A sketch show/ hospital sitcom/ soap. With a fantastic array of characters, all of whom are arseholes, some are mad, and a lot of surrealism... ****** all over Scrubs.

    8. The Thick Of It - the Office vs. Yes Minister. clip: "you just took a **** with your clothes on"

    9. Teachers - A comedy drama about teachers... but the teachers are no better than the kids.

    10. The F Word - Recipes are done quickly, because the show is about so much more proper things like Ramsey going hunting for a Puffin or a Rook to cook (he isn't afraid to look for different animals to eat) and a campaign to get veal back on British plates (veal = awesome).
  4. Boggle

    Boggle Guest

    This is a toughy.

    1. Firefly.

    undoubtedly the best thing I have ever watched, had the most awesome characters, the most awesome universe, the most awesome writing, also happens to be the biggest tragedy I've ever seen, not in the show self (although River tam and the relationship between her and her brother brought a tear to my eyes more often than not) but in the fact that it only made it to 14 episodes. I'm never going to forgive fox, and watching them handle The Sarah connor chronicles is like watching a combination of moneys and 3 year olds play with a priceless vase.

    2. Terminator the Sarah connor Chronicles

    Summer Glau was immense in Firefly, she had the fewest lines and the least amount of screen time of probably all the characters, yet she made that show for me. As Cameron in TSCC I completely fell in love with her (her role in this show made me get my hands on Firefly and Serenity actually), she does the indestructable, unempathising yet creepily -human- machine very very very well, in terms of Terminators she's probably my favorite, even above the brilliant performances by Robert Patrick and Arnie as the T1000 and T800 respectively.

    I think Thomas Dekker and Lena Heady do a fantastic job as John and Sarah connor, the rocky relationship that one would expect from mankinds future leader and his overprotective mother is done perfectly, especially with what's happening in Season 2.

    3. Battlestar Gallactica

    Oh my gosh.
    That is all.

    Ok no there's more obviously, but I don't think I've ever seen a Sci Fi show with the production quality and action as I have with Battlestar Gallactica, the only reason it's not higher up my list is because it doesn't have Summer Glau, ok and the characters arn't all that well done a lot of the time, sometimes coming off as unneccessary and overly convoluted, I guess that's a problem you have to deal with with a cast that large though.

    Gias Baltar is also one of the most intriguing characters I've ever seen in a show, what with his involvement in the genocide of the entire human race, the way he deals with the guilt as well as the Cylon problem is fantastic

    4. Stargate SG1

    Ok this is the show that got me into Sci Fi, and it's still one of the best.
    What I loved about Stargate is that it didn't involve a captain on a space ship in... space.
    It was just a brilliant way of exploring a galaxy and all of its wonderfull culters and people without going too far away from home, no crazy zappidy doo dahs, just humanity and a parisitic alien race that used humanity to conquer the universe.

    I still need to watch the latter half of Season 4 all the way up to season 10, but I'm gonna do it someday, and I have no doubt I'll love every second of it.

    Richard Dean Anderson is obviously amazing, the sarcastic yet noble colonel who's been through the hell of war, the hell of losing his son and subsequently his marriege, and the hell of saving the human race from time to time, just an awesome character and one I love watching. Ditto for Amanda Tapping, I loved her pretty yet geeky act whilst still being one badass soldier.

    5. FRIENDS

    Holy crap it's not another Sci fi show ! :p
    In my mind probably the best Sitcom I've ever watched and unless How I Met Your Mother makes it to 10 seasons, ever will watch.
    I'm not kidding, but I honestly think I watched -every- single episode of this show on television, I might have missed 1 during the 10 seasons,, but I doubt it.

    6. LOST

    Lost is the greatest mystery show I've watched in forever, it was let down by a completely boring and silly second season, but Season 3 and especially 4 was so good, it completely makes up for everything.

    7. How I met your Mother

    The new FRIENDS in my book, but let's face it, everybody watches this for Barney stinson and Niel Patrick Harris does an amazing job at playing the guy. I never watched Doogie Houser, but as Barney the man is absolute gold.

    8. Rosswell

    This was just the best love story / sci fi drama in its time period. I'm actually looking for the entire series to buy on DVD.

    9. Friday Night Lights

    I don't know what it is about Amarican cinema and Football, but they can make some awesome stuff sometimes. I guess it's just the way they make a fairly dragged out 3 hour spectacle look so awesome by cramming all the cool bits into 5 minutes but it works. The characters in the show are also very well written, my favorite is Matt Saracens, the kid has the entire world on his shoulders (seriously, pressure -is- this man) and has to take over as quarterback when the most popular / talented kid the state has ever seen breaks his back.

    10. House

    Just started watching it, but the first season warrants it getting into my top 10, a brilliant medical drama, and I do love medical dramas. Greys Anatomy might have gotten in here too, but once I watched House I sort of don't think Greys stacks up.

    I imagine by the end of this list you would have gathered that I am a huuuuuuge Sci Fi fan.

    Notable mention also to.

    Something about this show is just so wonderful to watch, I guess it's the normal guy in extraordinary circumstances, and the super hot spy falling for him, but I'd like to see this show go far.

    The top 5 is pretty much rock solid, but the latter half can easily still move around as I watch and discover new things.
  5. An Tarbh

    An Tarbh Guest

    Tough one as I could probably find a different 10 this time but for the moment I'd go with

    1. Father Ted
    2. The Simpsons
    3. The West Wing
    4. Shameless
    5. Strumpet City
    6. House
    7. Bachelors Walk
    8. Yes Minister
    9. The Good Life
    10. Diffrent Strokes

    No need for a brief commentary on each one, feeling in a lazy mood today.
  6. RC

    RC Guest

    Ok, i've thought hard about it and in no particular order: -



    How could this be axed after 4 series? It's the better version of the simpsons in my opinion. Funnier, more clever and is funny for the script. You could listen to it like a radio show.


    One of the greatest sitcoms ever. I think i watch this at least every other day thanks to E4. Genius writing kept it funny for 10 years.


    The most underrated comedy ever to have come out of Britain. So many levels of humour; it appeals to film buffs and nerds. As a nerd posing as something else entirely how could i not like it?!


    Better than the office. What more can i say, the office was brilliant, this tops it. More controversial, so much wittier and just gets you wincing that bit more. Fantastic.


    I always learn something new, i always laugh loads in every episode. What more could you want from a panel show?


    Another well written american sitcom. Funny, with the bravery to have a little bit of slap stick in it.

    I'm Alan Partridge


    Genius, genius, genius. It's embarassingly funny. Every show is as funny as the last. You can just define it by his situation, whether he's in the travelodge or in his caravan next to his soon-to-be new house.


    To call it "Britain's version of friends" would be to give it now justice. It's full of sexual humour, but it's witty and insightful throughout. A programme on relationships, yes, but very knowledgeable on the situations.

    Mighty Boosh

    The zaniest, most surreal thing to have ever hit our tvs. You either lean one way or the other on this, "love it" or "hate it"
    I'm feeling the love!

    The Big Bang Theory

    It's only 2 seasons in, but after i watched the pilot for the hottie in it i was surprisingly drawn in. It's funny nerds. A contradiction at heart, but it has a romantic interest and it's one of the wittiest shows out there.
    Loving it more and more with every episode.
  7. gingergenius

    gingergenius Guest

    <div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (Boggle @ Nov 30 2008, 03:02 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}></div>
    I think Friends is awful and even I've watched every episode thanks to it being on permanent rotation on Channel 4.
  8. M Two One

    M Two One Guest

    I only watch a few shows. I don't think I could put a top 10, but I love Frasier and Futurama. I have the entire DVD collection of both and I'm looking to finish Will & Grace next.
  9. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    Well my top 10 wont be in any order but here it is.

    1. Friends,
    I have started re watching this again, i have all 10 seasons on DVD. And every now and again i just pull one out and chuck it on, I love it

    How I Met Your Mother
    Love it, it definatly is the new friends, I havnt missed an episode of this yet and have just ordered season 3 on DVD. Also I ordered "The Bro Code" from Barney Stinson, cant wait to give that a read :D

    2. Chuck,
    Love it, Adam Baldwin is classic, thought he was great in Firefly and when i saw he was in this i thought awesome ill watch that. You wont be disapointed its a great spy comedy. Plus the chick that plays sarah is H.O.T.

    3. Heroes
    Been watching that since the start as well, the first episode drew me in and its just been great to watch. Now that the third season is in hiatus i cant wait for the second part of it.

    4. Big Bang Theory,
    As said before its a great nerd comedy, Sheldon is a great character and the way him and Leonard interact is just brillient. I just wish i was that nerdy sometimes :)

    5. Smallville.
    I am just a big superman fan :)

    6. Dexter
    Loving this because of the plot. How can you not route for the serial killer in this? he doesnt have morals or feelings or anything, but at least he tries to fit in Great stuff that

    7. Arested Development
    Another great show, cut down in its prime though. But there are talks of a movie in the works, which would be classic

    8. Scrubs
    Last season of scrubs coming up this january in the states, looking forward to seeing how they finsh it off. There are also talks that it will continue without Zach Braf, though i dont know what that would be like.

    9. Bones
    Just started watching this recently, Its the only forensic shows i watch apart from fringe

    10. Fringe
    So its the first season of fringe. I still lvoe it already, I cant wait to find out what direction they are going to take this show.
    Eli Stone.
    Ok i added this just because it has been canned in the states now and i am disapointed. I really loved this series. And no, not for George Michael. It was a different kind of lawyer program that Boson Legal (which i also love, just ran out of numbers with that as well) Its a pity that its going. It deserved a better chance. I blame the writers srike last year :(
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