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Toulouse New Training Clothes







Pelous alsthough suspended is still training:


A last kick:


And Guy Novés let's get back to real work:

That's for an advertisement on TV I guess for the suits brand Bruno de Saint Hilaire.
Originally posted by An Tarbh@Dec 2 2005, 08:46 PM
well at least it's better than Stade Français' hideous pick jerseys.
Well you the Pink jerzey of the Stade Français is a best seller of Adidas. Thy have sold many overseas, especially on the North bank of the Channel.
Actually that was for the Asssociation/Charity "Coeur en Mêlées" that this training session was held (in front of the children) and in the Bruno Saint-Hilaire suits as it is said in the news section of the ST site: http://www.stadetoulousain.fr/?rubcode=71&artcode=1277, DonBilly.

That way they made some noise for the "Assoce" and then they held a 'Gala' and they all put one of their jersey, shoes or something...whatever on sale to raise money and made a painting to sell it too. The pics of their paintings (some are hilarious
) are here: http://www.stadetoulousain.fr/?rubcode=71&artcode=1279.

There's a video of the training in 'Rencontres à Quinze' (wait a few minutes): http://rugby.france2.fr/rencontres-a-15/IM.../2005-12-04.asx

There were two others with interviews and stuff from 'Stade 2' and 'Tout le Sport' but they were taken out of the site...

Good initiative. The players didn't enjoy playing in suits though. Many interviewed said they did it for the 'cause' but that it was really not practical. Not surprising.

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