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Discussion in 'General Rugby Union' started by Doc, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Hi all,

    I think this i smy first post here!
    I'm looking for ideas for this years tour with my home club. Looks like we have a lot of tour virgins this year so i've been given the task of looking after the lads.

    Last year featured such antics as a weetabix eating race, many silly hats / dresses, punishment ritual of drinking a shot of tobasco sauce from our props sweaty bellybutton (my fave) and during our meal at the visiting club, the 7 virgins had to perform a song / dance which was writen by themselves.

    Gimme some ideas to keep the lads entertained!!
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  3. DamN! that sounds really good! lucky me my first rugby tour which was my international tour (which I never mention, even tho it was for a poxy country that no one wants to play for) *ahem* were full of civilised people who thought they could play rugby... lol...
  4. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Eh, Indonesian rugby will have its day i'm sure. Keep at it! Feckit i'd love to play for indonesia, will ya keep outside centre or fullback for me. Thanks :D
  5. oh man....damn it
  6. BigTen

    BigTen Guest

    "...drinking a shot of tobasco sauce from our props sweaty bellybutton (my fave)..." Doc.

    Is it your fave because you enjoy being the one drinking the tobasco or are you the prop? Either way it sounds very dodgy to me.

    I also like how you tried to deflect it away from the later by trying to fool us into thinking you are an outisde centre or fullback.

    "...will ya keep outside centre or fullback for me..." Doc.

    Nice try ;)
  7. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Dunno what yer talkin about big ten!

    Nah man, the whole thing was my idea as a punishment for one of the lads who was late for a meeting. A punishable offence in our book.

    A few more ideas for our tour will be..
    Weetabix race:
    Tour virgins line up and race to eat a weetabix completely using beer to wash it down. The weetabix swells in the mouth and the game gets messy! The winner usually will be rewarded by not being a virgin for that day.

    Brush in the ground race:
    2 virgins stand opposite each other with a brush/golfcub.long stick type thing. They put one end of the club/stick into the ground, they rest their foreheads on the other end and spin around 6 times. They then must race to a prize. Hilarious when alcohol is involved.
  8. BokMagic

    BokMagic Guest

    Nothing too serious on my 1st tour- except at the official post-game dinner. Got up once to take a leak(surely allowed after an exhaustive fines session earlier), then the whole bloody team got up and demanded a speech! Had to keep it in the entire fkn dinner!

    Further, just a lot of alcohol consumed- not allowed to speak during the fines meetings, thus had to consume several litres of "liquid refreshment" as punishment. Great fun actually.
  9. Corporeal

    Corporeal Guest

    Not necessarily just for tour virgins, but one of the funniest things I've experienced on tour was a "muppet of the day" award, the person who made the biggest fools of themselves the day before had to spend the entirety of the next day in women's clothing.
  10. And, I reckon you have been the muppet of the day everytime on tour yeh?
  11. Corporeal

    Corporeal Guest

    No, I managed to just about avoid that, beaten out by a flanker who got drunk in the afternoon, had a power nap went out that night and got amazingly drunk.
  12. Do u know mE??? getting drunk in the middle of the day in the midst of international tour? that's so ME! this is freakin me OUT!!! :p
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