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Transfers rumours

Kinsella doesn't seem to think it'll happen. Connacht moved on to trying to get him.or Frawley after Prendergast fell through and it doesn't seem to be working. They've permission to sign an NIQ as well.
I think we still need him tbh. The amount of rotation we need, three 10s is quite important. Had some bad old days having lads like Noel Reid and Cathal Marsh in that role.
Yeah I'm doubtful of Tector staying on and Jack Murphy is supposedly following his dad so from a Leinster perspective it makes sense to keep all of them. I'm also still firmly of the opinion that Frawley is not a starting 10.

However, given the absolute dearth of options in Ulster and Connacht it does make sense on a macro level why one should leave.
Apparently a case of who wants him. You'd think he'd back himself to start for either.

If he fits in Ulsters budget they'd be mad not to go for him too tbh.
Depends how much money they've spent getting Aidan Morgan over.

Hope this isn't true, last thing we need is another hooker who can't hit the side of a barn

Need to stop ******* around and offer Landon's brother a contract while he's still at Sale FC and before someone else does

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