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Boxing: Tua's moment of truth looms

by Peter Jessup

David Tua puts his boxing future on the line at the Trusts Stadium tomorrow night and fans can expect an indication of how his bout with Talmadge "Two Guns" Griffis will go when Tua stands on the scales at the pre-fight weigh-in today.

Lose, and Tua's shot at the world ***le is surely over. Griffis is ranked around 129 in the world. His last fight was a points decision loss to Clifford Etienne, who fought on the Tua-Lewis undercard in November 2000.

There are all sorts of connections in this fight. Tua beat Griffis' trainer, Krishna Wainwright, early in his pro career in 1993. Among Griffis' 22 wins is one over Greg Pickrom, who sparred with Tua pre-Lewis.

Griffis, who said he gets his nickname because he has two "naturally big arms", won 14 of those fights by knockout, has lost five and drawn three.

For Tua this is fight 47 - 42 wins, losses to Ike Ibeabuchi, Chris Byrd and Lewis and a last-up draw with Hasim Rahman in March 2003. The multiple boxing organisations have mostly removed him from their considerations and rankings.

Against Tua going into this is the two-year gap since he was last competitively in the ring, the lack of a recognised boxing trainer in his build-up and an opponent who has an age, height and reach advantage.

Behind him is United States promoter Cedric Kushner, who paid out Tua's contract with America Presents, apparently for around US$1 million ($1.4 million), but has yet to get any return on investment. Tua has been conditioned by martial arts trainer Lee Parore and is aiming for a weigh-in mark of around 253lbs. That would be getting to the upper end of a rise in size that has seen him grow from 204lbs at his first professional fight after taking bronze at the Barcelona Olympics to 259.5lbs at his last outing.

At age 32 his speed will not be improving and size won't help. But he still, no doubt, has that devastating left hook. "I'm not worried about his hook," Griffis said yesterday, then revising, "Of course I'm worried about it - not scared of it, but worried - I just have to take that away from him."

He'd studied video of Tua's fights and seen the damage the long-range jab can do.

He said his and Tua's styles were similar. He wasn't worried about standing toe-to-toe with Tua. "There is no fear but there's always worry."

Griffis has been in Auckland for a week after seizing the deal for the fight when approached by Tua. "It's a great opportunity for me," he said.

The pair meet at Sky City at 10am today for the weigh-in and posturing.

Eight bouts precede the main event at the Henderson venue, with the build-up to live coverage of the 10.30pm fight beginning on TV1 at 9.30pm.

Wow!!!! Great it is showing on TV1. Interesting at one of my relatives church Griffiths turned up with Tuigamala and was introduced to the congregation. Looks like Griffiths is well being looked after by the Tua camp like a lamb to the slaughter.

Tua looks quite lean.
im so freakin happy hes back

hes abit flabby but who isnt
......had a conversation wit my uncle today about this and he said tuas too much mr nice guy and lacks the killa instinct most dominate boxers posess...i agree but doesnt mean change his attitude hes a really good guy who just happens too hav the most powerful haymakers in da world...
lacks height and a boxing mind but still with that power a ruthless grit and determination he should devour griffis cleanly in the first three rounds

woooooo good ol thursday

Well at least he isn't disallusioned with what he needs to do after his 10th round knockout.
man, it was a awesome fight, people at school were like, na it was boring, it took him so long to go nuts. but its not like the other dude was a human punching bag, he knew that the only way for him to win was points, when that was out of the question, he just wanted to survive it. he fought well... untill the last round
Originally posted by Ripper@Apr 1 2005, 07:00 PM
Most people were tipping a 30 second knockout

na i thought 3rd round. good night of entertainment though...
dam im hoping he hasnt lost any power but griffis was hard to putdown...but he was scared sh!tless at times
...but good on em...going the distance....lets go tua!!!...ill keep this updated...there will be alotta talk here when david tua gets to the top again

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