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Obvious question, any idea how to reduce turnovers ?

It's spoiling the game for me, they seem to be almost random. With a weak team, a turnover results almost every time I spin the ball out to the backs.

On R2005, the "hands in ruck" button was used , does this still work (though I can't really use it anyway, due to my button config on my PC controller) ?

Another thing I used in R 2005 was to edit player stats for my team, increasing the rucking ability of my players to 100, this definitely greatly reduced turnovers.

Hope they sort this out in the next version and manage to include decent forward play.

If they sort the above out, sort the views out and revamp the gx engine to bring the running, collisions, handling, etc on a par with the NFL games then we'd have a really good game, these are the big downers for me with this game.
If you crash it up with forwards you can hold the ball and build momentum. But when you spin it wide you will probably get turned regardless of this. I think the idea is to pick the right time to spread or you get turned. I know this is unrealistic as, but at least it makes it tough. Hands in ruck seems to work but not as often. For me, this game has exceeded my expectations so far. Close enough is good enough at the momnet.
Keep your momentum bar up by R2 or L2 for your forwards to take up the park, or use scrun half. Don't go wide till you have good momentum.
Even then you will still get turned with a weaker team. This is balancd making breaks easy.
I foiund that the momentum bar has a bit effect on the turnovers.
Played France as Ireland in the 6N last night and was losing turnovers all over the place - won the game - barely.
Waiting for the next game to load - vs wales, and the Momentum loading page mentioned that with higher momentum, you'll lose the ball less.
So i kept the momentum gauge going with pin-point kicks, boshing with forwards, etc..
Barely lost the ball in contact and ended up winning 35-6 - kept them tryless which is a first for me in this game! (against any opposition!)
Kinda weird thing was that they went for a drop goal in the 80th minute at 35-3 when the try was on....
Originally posted by stevemagoo@Feb 16 2006, 10:19 AM

Kinda weird thing was that they went for a drop goal in the 80th minute at 35-3 when the try was on....
I've played a knockout where the AI tried dopr goals several times when they were more than 10 behind. I think it depends on the team.

I'm still struggleing with getting rolling mauls, only managed one last night. Also with getting my receiver to run onto the ball. When trying to run with the scrumhalf from behind the ruck it seem he goes straight trough the ruch instead of around and gets nailed each time, when the AI does it they gain quite a lot of yards...any hints?
ive posted this somewhere else but the amount of ball winners in your side also dictates how many turnovers there are.

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