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UK Rugby 2005 Release Date!



Do you know that the release date is now 4th of March. Go on play.com, gameplay it's now March 4th.
pllay.com are the most unreliable source in the world ever. They just estimate the release dates, they don't actually know themselves and they change the dates every week.
gameplay.co.uk says 4th March too, although I'm guessing it might well change to the 11th.
EA are saying 04-03-2005, and I believe Amazon are now showing that, so we are Talking 14 days till we have Rugby 2005 in the UK!!!!! CROSSING ALL FINGERS AND TOES
thats good news,if its true,wehre does it say on ea that its released on the 4th
and ive just checked amazon.co.uk and its still up as the 11th
I hope not, but I've got a feeling it might get delayed. I'm praying I'm wrong.

F&%$king what!?

Right that's it - why do we have to wait in NZ till the 17th of March..

It would be faster by about a week to buy it on credit card from the UK and have it flown by air mail here...


I'll be doing this instead of buying it here and telling everyone to do the same if this is true.

EA will have to release it here then too. Game is finished.

There are no excuses.
i am so happy now, i mean two weeks is doable, [if thats such a word] ive been pulling my hair out the last few weeks with boredom waiting for this game,but now its the fourth thats brilliant.ive just rangh up game in newport and they said that its the fourth theyve got down.
does any one fancy ringing up ea to see if they can 100 percent confirm the date.
i think it looks likely as i have now got a date of gamestation which matches the fourth
if anyone can give me the easports uk phone number,ill ring them up to get a confirmed 101 percent date,but it looks promising.
italian ea sports site confirms:Release data March 4th.

we european luckier this time.lol
To any of the Irish boys on here, where can I get the game as cheap as possible with an Ireland cover player...

up north here its gonna have the English cover, but I don't particularly want Robinson staring at me from the box as I play this time round - it was bad enough with Wilkinson on R2004
ah... but if you go to the French EA site, they have Serge Betsen on their cover alone

... and if the SH sides get their own covers, we should too... we did last time and if so I want an Irish one
Here is the response from Play.com.

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for your email.

We confirm that our release date for Rugby 2005 is 4 March 2005; this has been supplied to us by our suppliers but may be subject to change.

You will not be charged for this item until the time of shipping. You still have the option to cancel the order by logging into your account and pressing the cancel button next to the item in your outstanding orders.

We hope that this information answers your query, please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Kind regards


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