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Unlockable teams?

Nope, no one has unlocked anything........

We have tried and ebaten and played and competed, but it is like Fort Knox

Locked AWAY
i thought somebody said they won everything on hard but only got the world XV. there are kits, logos and teamsheets for the following

*World XV
*Southern Hemisphere XV
*Northern Hemispher XV
*Super 12 XV
*European XV

looks like they did everything except enable these teams to be unlocked. wonderful. perhaps this new pc patch changes that. i would say that qualifies as a "significant issue".
I have won everything on hard - everything.

and have unlocked nothing....even won some over again with lesser teams...nothing.

Xbox owner got one team - unless lying.

I can only think this...and it's a long shot - there has been talk of unlocking stuff even in rugby 2004 which few did, by beating someone with canada or something...

Maybe...because the game is made in Cananda -who have to win the World Cup on hard with canada or something??

I'm half way there with Fiji!! Man! They can kick it in the backs lol!!

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