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Updated 2021 roster for JTAG Xbox 360 version


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Oct 8, 2007
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I made a roster update for this game during Covid lockdown here in NZ.

Couldn't mod the kits though, as I was unable to extract the .asset files.

All international teams are updated to their 2021 squads. I used player likenesses which were close enough, as there isn't much variety in this game,
however since the camera angle is quite far - it doesn't really matter. The gameplay is quite smooth and the AI is very tough on hard.

For xbox 360 (JTAG only).

There are three methods to get this working.

The first uses the enclosed save file (ROSTERS-RKILPJGFHRPROZZVHTGYCKXXQVGHVFUQQ), which you will need to rehash and resign to your profile using horizon.

The second method is to navigate to where the game is saved on your hard drive.
Drop the rugby.db file into the data/database folder

The third method is to copy all modded files from this link onto your JTAG's hard drive.


  • Rugby World Cup 2011 Updates 2021.zip
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