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URC 2023/24 - Semi Finals

That was a very decent semi and a good advertisement for the league. Bulls were up for it and physically fronted up to that.

Was always a tough one for Leinster. You can't say they treated it lightly or anything, just came up second best on the day.

Not using this to argue the result. Ref was shocking but in todays game that is terrible. He should be knocked back down to lower leagues after that performance.

Yeah that's stonewall red with zero mitigation. At speed tucked arm to the head on an exposed player.
What are singing Munster supporters right now?
We've been incredibly poor but still the better team imo. Sorry but Glasgow haven't played a blip of rugby. Fiery match as we thought. We've won two penalties and a card off them trying to put statement hits on O'Mahony. Casey and Wycherley off will improve us a lot I think.
With Kebble out of contract at the end of the season, I wouldn't mind him coming back to the Stormers.
Wow that was absolutely stupid. Clear red.
No complaints lads ref was bad but we let ourselves down with skills and lapses of concentration. Didn't see Leinster game but sad for Irish rugby that neither team got through as was hoping both of us would win. Congratulations to Glasgow and well overall it great for URC

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