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Usa v Canada



Well the Rugby World Cup Qualifying match between the USA and Canada will begin shortly...

The game will determine who gets the automatic world cup bid for 2007, the loser has to qualify through more matches

updates as it happens..
From BBC site;

Canada booked their place at the 2007 Rugby World Cup with an emphatic 56-7 victory over neighbouring USA.
It was the Canadians' biggest win against the Eagles, winger James Pritchard scoring 36 points himself to break the national team record of 29.

Pritchard scored three of Canada's seven tries, kicked six conversions and three penalties.

"I couldn't be happier for the players at times we played some excellent rugby," said Canada coach Ric Suggitt.

"We have to continue to improve because when we go to play Wales and Italy in November, we'll have to be even better than this. The next level is a huge jump."

The United States of America now face a two-leg play-off against Uruguay for the last Americas spot in next year's showcase finals in France. Uruguay will host the first leg in Montevideo on 30 September and the return match will take place on 7 October in Stanford, California.

I was very surprised by the result, I thought than the US would win this. Oh well, the US should qualify for the World Cup, they should beat Uruguay.
im very dissapointed

they played like a bunch of lethargic idiots.. and hercus shite kicking didnt help to much either..
So, if the US beat Uruguay is that it.... of can Uruguay qualify through repechage??
I believe it's the Americas 3 spot actually. us Cdns had a few more pros in the line up and the homefield advantage might have made things a little easier. Oh yeah and.....


Canada >>>>>>>>>> USA


But seriously well done Canada...
Why is it that James Pritchard suddenly seems able to play and isn't a complete waste of space?

And congratulations Canada.
Yeah that is a good win for Canada - it is a pity that the IRB won't put some resources in place to get them improving and developing.
well, they did invest a few million to get the North America 4 tournament in place. Maybe they'll send a little more if we can keep getting results.

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