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  1. After England's cross-code training session with Super League champions Leeds Rhinos, Wales hope to team up with St Helens.

    The Welsh Rugby Union have approached the rugby league club about holding a joint training session.

    "We have had an approach from Wales," confirmed a Saints spokesman. "It's in the very early stages but it is something we are giving serious consideration to."

    However, it appears unlikely that any session will be held before the start of the RBS Six Nations as Saints fly out to Portugal for pre-season training on Sunday, just a fortnight before Wales face England.

    Saints' football manager Kel Coslett is a former union player in Wales while the Welsh defensive coach Clive Griffiths is a former St Helens player.,00.html
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  3. cavan

    cavan Guest

    Wales would need to do some forwards oriented training. The need to improve their maul and lineout offense/defence, i wonder how much the Saints can help them there??...
  4. Our attack is outstanding, we are acclaimed as "the entertainers" of Super League. We can conjour tries from very little at times.
  5. cavan

    cavan Guest

    yes i can see why wales would train with the saints attack wise in open play situations, but realistically it's their poor set piece play amongst their forwards that lets them down against the top packs in the game.
  6. I'd certainly like to get to see the training session if I get the chance, I shall be keeping my eye on this one certainly.
  7. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    But can you help them with Scrums? Me thinks not
  8. I can't see it....
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