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Wales v New Zealand Videos

Yeah, sorry about that, I thought it wasn't uploading, so I cancelled it and uploaded it again. Good to go now.
Yes, he sounded better than the other guy, but you can tell its sooooooooo scripted.
Mmm, I think I'll be bored of the commentary fairly quickly, although you can turn the commentary down, which is what I will do and only listen to the ref and maybe other sounds.

I'm glad Spencer is leading, it was a little weird with McCaw leading it in the trailer (even if Spencer will never be starting when I play
I wonder if you can choose who you want to lead tha haka.
Carter, Smith, Mehrtens perhaps?
Thought it looked pretty good, and would definately be a nice touch for when you take on your mates. The welsh kit looked pretty authentic too. Does this mean you guys have got hold of a full copy now?


Get them while they're hot, due to limited space they may be taken down if new ones are put up. You should have at least a week to get them, I don't really know what the situation is.

Edit - refresh if the links aren't showing up
Some damn nice work there JJ. It's very good, not perfect, but very good. The commentary sounded scripted but it's better than copy and paste.
by any chance can someone send it me?......cos the trailer link doesnt work for me.
wen im at gamebiz i click on the link for the trailer and it comes up with all these letters and writing.
Oh, I thought you were talking about these videos.

Use Internet Explorer and try it again.

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