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Wallabies' New Coach


Mr. Laxative

Well, with Knuckles gone it's now time for the ARU to find a new head coach.

There are a number of names being tossed up including Laurie Fisher, Ewen Mackenzie, Robbie Deans, David Nucifora... Scott Johnson at the moment appears the favourite. Nonetheless, I'd like to see what everyone else thinks. Who should it be?... Would you rule out Graham Henry?

Personally I'd love to see John Muggleton take top spot. He seems a great bloke and has a good image (300% better tan good ol' Laurie), what's more he's been wit the team for ten years so he knows the way things are run.

Also, I think we need to cut back on the number of coaches. It just overcomplicates things. Fiji plays a simle game and has a simple coaching setup - they've been quite successful. Australia who play more complicated and structured (there coaching setup is as suh also) seem to struggle when the plan doesn't quite work. That being said we should have a bare minimum of three coaches... But most importantly an excellent forwards coach - a European for example, or even Patricio Noriega.

Well, your thoughts...
Muggleton will remain as defensive coach. I don't think he has the qualifications to be a head coach.

With the current list of contendors - I think Nucifora is their only option.
Whilst I'm 100% pure Australian, I can't help but think what it would be like to have a foreigner as head coach. It may be time to take a gamble and pick Robbie Deans (or Jake White???).

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