Webb maybe set to leave Warriors

Discussion in 'NRL / Southern Hemisphere' started by Mehrtsisagod, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Webb set to leave Warriors

    Despite being in top form, Brent Webb has received no offer from the Warriors only four weeks out from the deadline

    Brent Webb's manager Jim Banaghan is almost certain the Warriors' fullback will leave the club.

    Despite being in top form, Webb has received no offer from the Warriors only four weeks out from the NRL's anti-tampering deadline, with his contract up at the end of the season.

    While coach Ivan Cleary says he would like to have Webb, he admits they are in the process of putting together a roster, signaling the fact Webb has received no offer as possibly being due to a monetary issue.

    Banaghan is looking at other options. He says the rumour mill suggests the club is chasing Parramatta's Wade McKinnon in preference to Webb, and says if that is the case then so be it.

    Jim Banaghan says with the salary cap at around NZ$5 million he is sure the Warriors could fit Webb in, but they do not seem interested.

    Webb's manager, Jim Banaghan is sure they will have to look overseas.

    Banaghan says Webb is a highly successful player for the club and admits they were expecting an offer by this stage and says it is pretty obvious to them they will not be getting one.

    Always funny when the Warriors get rid of their better players and stick with the crap ones. Hope he manages to find a club before next year.

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  3. sighs....when will they learn...

    management decision are straight shocking..i cant believe they resigned tony martin?...bwhahahaha..ohwell
  4. There is a thing called a salary cap lol!!

    Im deadset sure, if they could sign him, they will. He is their 1st to 2nd best player on the field at the moment..next to Steve Price!!
  5. thes is a thing called smart decisions too....

    interms of looking out for there future tha warriors managment have no idea at all for what?..the past 5 years now

    we couldve kept swann,lauatiti,paleasena,jones...but nooooo...blardy useless management and decisons and look we we are now...but i am still faithful...i still continue to support wateva goes down
  6. esoj

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    there was an interview with wayne scurrah the warriors ceo yesterday on radiosport. he said they would try and sign webb but due to previous management there is not a lot of room to move in the cap and that means they may not be able to keep webb.
  7. Parore

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    Dont worry guys, we are going to sign Covell probably, imagine this backline in 2007:


    Thats almost SOO quality.
  9. He's signed for the Leeds Rhinos from next season.
  10. woosaah

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    real? first i have heard

    cheers :)
  11. woosaah

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    excellent stuff cheerrs
  12. esoj

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    yeah all over the news today.

    warriors are heavily rumoured to be in the running to sign wade mcKinnon for about half of what webb was on.
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