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Welcome To the Hall Of Fame

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Welcome to the Hall of Fame.

This is the place where you get to write about the all time greats, and nominate them to enter the Hall of Fame. Whether this is your Favourite player of all time, or the greatest coach. It could even be an entire team or an International XV. Its up to you guys

The Hall of Fame is yours, make your articles as interesting as possible, it gives you a great chance to show off your knowledge, argue your views, why you think they are the best player you have ever seen. So make your argument and then discuss whether your candidate or team can be added to the TRF Hall of Fame.

We have a couple of rules in the TRF Hall of Fame, here they are:

1. Please don’t Copy and Paste Articles off the web, cos that’s not your opinion, the whole idea is to write an article, with your opinion, not copy and paste someone else work...
You have the right to use existing articles for research, but please write your articles.

2. Also the ONLY place to post comments and opinions is on the Discussion thread which will be set up by a member of staff.

We now have a Panel called the HOFF’s (Hall of Fame Federation) which will make the decision whether the nominated person deserves a place in the TRF Hall of Fame.

Make your opinion heard
Not open for further replies.

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