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Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Candyman, May 16, 2006.

  1. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    I think wendell sailor should go in this wall of shame with his recent drug use that might cost him the rest of his career.

    here is the lastest on him

    D-Day Looms Over Sailor's B Sample
    16/05/2006 11:39 AM
    Marc Hinton
    Disgraced Australian rugby star Wendell Sailor has spoken for the first time about the failed drugs test that has put his rugby career in jeopardy.

    Sailor has been suspended indefinitely by New South Wales and Australian rugby after returning the positive test that was made official just hours before the Waratahs' final Super 14 round-robin clash against the Hurricanes on Saturday night.

    He was stood down from that match at late notice, with the Waratahs sending out a reshuffled backline in a match they lost 14-19 to cough up a home semifinal against the same opponents.

    The Daily Telegraph newspaper in Sydney are reporting that he returned a positive A sample for a class-A recreational drug after the Waratahs' match against the ACT Bumbies on April 16.

    Sailor has until next Monday to decide whether to have his B-sample tested or to accept the findings of the initial test. If he is found to have taken the drug, which is allegedly on the world doping body's prohibited list, he faces a two-year ban from rugby and almost certainly the end of his sporting career.

    He is said to earn around $A750,000 a year from rugby, plus endorsements, and would have that income wiped out.

    "It's been a pretty tough time," Sailor told Channel Nine, adding that he was "all right"..

    "My thoughts are with the boys at the moment. I put a little bit of pressure on them at the weekend. I didn't play my part," he said from his Sydney home, referring to his Waratahs team-mates who head to Wellington to take on the Hurricanes in the Rebel Sport Super 14 semifinal on Friday night.

    "Obviously I have a family to look after here."

    Sailor refused to discuss any details of the case though Aussie media are reporting that he is taking legal advice over his situation.

    The Australian Rugby Players Association boss Tony Dempsey confirmed "initial" legal assistance would be offered to Sailor which was a standard part of its service.

    Reaction from those close to Sailor in rugby has varied, though most are offering at least sympathy for his plight.

    "It's just so sad what has happened over the last couple of days. I felt quite sick in the stomach thinking about him and his family and what the future holds for him," Tuqiri told the Daily Telegraph.

    Tuqiri described Sailor as "a great bloke who would do anything for you".

    "I'm just hoping he is all right mentally. I'm just worried about his state of mind at the moment."

    Waratahs skipper Chris Whitaker had spoken to Sailor and said he was "doing it tough".

    "He's regretful, that's for sure, but I think the important thing now is we move ahead. It's a big game this week so the team is very focused on getting over to Wellington and coming away with a win," Whitaker told reporters in Sydney.

    Waratahs flanker Phil Waugh said until full details of the case emerged "we'll be sticking by Wendell" though coach Ewen McKenzie told a Sydney radio station he was "disappointed but we'll also move on".

    Added McKenzie: "People make mistakes but obviously some people make more than others. But I'm not going to condemn him as a person. I like him as guy, he's a terrific bloke, he's done a lot of good things for us.

    "He's made a couple of mistakes, it's important we deal with those situations.

    "He's got the rest of his life to deal with as well so I'm certainly not going to cast him adrift in that context."

    It is unclear at this stage whether the ARU or Australia's anti-doping organisation, ASADA, will convene any disciplinary hearing that takes place. The rugby organisation is adamant that it is the appropriate body to conduct any tribunal required, though Aussie media are reporting that Sailor is worried whether he will get a fair heraring from rugby.

    Sailor is also reported to be considering whether to appeal his indefinite suspension from rugby and indeed whether to legally challenge the test itself. All should be revealed some time between now and next Monday when he must notify ASADA whether he requires his B-sample to be tested.
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  3. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Didn't write it yourself, but I agree all the same...

    Disgraceful. Especially seeing as he was the form wallaby winger for most of the year...

    Meh, I never did like him anyway...
  4. ak47

    ak47 Guest

    await his B sample please :p
  5. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    No i didn't write it myself as it would of taken me too long with my one finger typing lol but i got it off Xtramsn news i thought it was interesting read and thought the rest would like it to read to :D
  6. Candyman

    Candyman Guest

    Has anyone heard anymore of what has happened to wendell
  7. Wally

    Wally Guest

    Awaiting the results of his B sample.
  8. Ripper

    Ripper Guest

    The results are in.

    It's going to be a Girl.
  9. Dumbo

    Dumbo Guest

    Shame on you Wendell, shame on you
  10. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    you'd think dell would propply try and bribe the boys at the lab..for the b sample..

    but hey he might be diggin alotta barrows in his graveyard.

    good onya dell...kootos to you young man...kootos to you :bravo:
  11. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    Dell's story is in:

  12. KiwiBlack

    KiwiBlack Guest

    Totally agree with this...
  13. Glorzifen

    Glorzifen Guest

    What a knob, is all I can say.
  14. melon

    melon Guest

    To put it quite simply and truthfully, he is the biggest scapegoat ever. Whilst he did the wrong thing, he was dealt with a lot more harshly than others. Instead of being suspended for a shorter period of time and being ordered to go to rehab as others have or to complete community service or to have a strike against his name or whatever, he was dealt in the harshest of way.

    Don't get me wrong, I don't condone what he has done in any way, its totally unacceptable. However as I said earlier, he is the biggest scapegoat ever.
  15. jaco

    jaco Guest

    What happend to the poor bugger?????????
  16. huge129

    huge129 Guest

    "class-A recreational drug".... that's how they call them these days...hahaha

    what a shame
  17. Elissalde9

    Elissalde9 Guest

    i have never like him, but it's a shame
  18. Merjamone

    Merjamone Guest

    It's the same thing for Rupeni Caucaunibuca, Top14 top scorer...
  19. mck

    mck Guest

    Wait for him to return next year, he will redeem himself I'm sure. And I agree with the above poster, he's definitely been made a scapegoat. Others have done much worse and have gotten away with squat.
  20. They really threw the book at him, sadly. He is an awesome player - when his ban is lifted does anyone think he will regain his place in the Wallabies side? Or will his ban have left him unplayable, even if his abilites reach the mark?
  21. Wally

    Wally Guest

    He's going back to the NRL (rugby league) next season.
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