what EA missed?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Black|Raven, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    just some of the thing EA fu<ked up on!

    -way too much offloads in impossible situations...
    -defence (bunching)
    -rolling mauls
    -in depth lineouts
    -in depth rucking system

    it seems that EA are holding out and trying to drag this on like the madden series....
    but still a great game


    forward play - how bout from a ruck, a forward can pick up and drive on into a defender and can lean his body to get an advantage for more metres or create a maul (rolling)

    defence play - a button you can press and hold to control the defensive line to either rush up or slide if you have an overlap. to tackle just run into the player

    - different tackles for different buttons....hold and drive back(near ingoal), RAKE(dont know how we missed that??), diving tackle that looks better

    lineouts - should be allowed to lean in front of contender to gain advantage, quicker jumpers......and have actual linout moves!!!

    thats it for now but any other ideas or fu<k ups???
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  3. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Don't you just use the barge if you want a forward to make more metres?

    Couple of gripes, bunching is the main one - after tries are scored or ball goes out of play 30 players are normally within a 5-10m radius which looks kinda funny. The AI sometimes does stupid stuff, and missing the ball when going to pick it up all the time is pretty much a bug.

    That is nitpicking though.
  4. Would rather they stay away from the buttons that do this and that, like peeling from the ruck or like the running from the play the ball in RL2. If I want to do those things I would rather just have control of my man and do something myself.

    I hate the " Push this button and this animation happens "

    Has anyone sussed how to peel away left or right from the ruck on any level harder than club ? I get smashed every single time and it just makes it useless for me. At least if I had control of it myself I could run back away from the ruck to give me room and then run back at the line. Annoying that the CPU can run right through me at the ruck as well to make loads of yards. One rule for them eh :D

    If they didnt want you to make loads of yards from running at the ruck why not just put a couple of defenders hanging back ready to smash you rather than you cant even peel away without being smashed AT the ruck ?
  5. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    Agreed however peeling away from the ruck combined with an offload can be very useful - by the way do you know what button on PS2 you press to pick up and run with the scrum half?

  6. RugbyForever

    RugbyForever Guest

    When the arrow thing appears over the scrum-halfs head, press circle or square -the same as a number 8 pickup from a scrum.
  7. Bubu

    Bubu Guest

    i think ea made a great games, even if there are some missed points.

    the most important for me is an online mode!
  8. jimmy44

    jimmy44 Guest

    When the arrow thing appears over the scrum-halfs head, press circle or square -the same as a number 8 pickup from a scrum. [/b][/quote]
    Ah cool so its like another set move? do you have to wait for the triangle to turn green or can you pick it up when its still flashing?

    Actually I'm trying to remeber, when you press circle or square normally from the ruck, doesn't one of the forwards peel away rathewr than the scrum half? If it is the scrum half then I already know this move.

  9. paddyknight

    paddyknight Guest

    no you can do it immediately and its the scrum half that pulls off, the best thing i find to do when running off the back of the ruck is run a slight angle and give the right analog stick a waggle! :D also, r2 or l2 will always make you yards, guaranteed try if ur near the line sadly.
  10. woosaah

    woosaah Guest

    stil the thing that really annoys me about this game is drop goals.

    not my drop goals just the stupid drop goals that the ai does straight from a scrum. there is meant to be at least 2 passes or a tackle before a drop goal can be attempted. STUPID :)
  11. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    that doesnt happen every game of rugby....

    theres nothing wrong with attempting a drop goal from a scrum..
  12. umosay

    umosay Guest

    Yeah, but the funny thing is it worked really good in 05 cause the halfback was often facing sideways when i picked up the ball, which worked good - doesn't work anymore though.
  13. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest

    yea true...cant run up on the face of the defence, waiting for a player to hit the line for a short ball anymore...ow well
  14. Gay-Guy

    Gay-Guy Guest

    For me the main stuff up is:

    Player acceleration from a standing position..

    It seems to have the Madden acceleration from a stop start rather than the Fifa one.

    I have 3 theories why they chose this.

    1. Lazy copying from Madden.
    2. Trying to make it look "simulated"
    3. Wanting to give the defence a chance to tackle

    Whatever the reason all three are not justified. I suspect the main argument the programmers had AGAINST using the Fifa player acceleration would be because they may have feared the ball carrier having too much agility and movement. However this would have been easily anulled by the DEFENDER ALSO having the same agility and movement. Therefore at this speed of Fifa acceleration there would have been more interesting individual dodging skills on show. The current Madden acceleration we see in R2006 has a stupid looking player movement of slow unrealistic acceleration for BOTH attacker and defender.......which kills the fun factor of sklillful agility in its application.

    Then they could have also implemented the turbo button with the same dynamics of Fifa where if the turbo was pressed.........the ball carrier could not "swerve" as good as he could if it were not pressed. This in fact is a real sim of what happens in real life as well as cancelling out the unrealistic high speed dodging which makes the game look space invader like. So if a player wanted to dodge and do agile moves (not talking about the step which should be there at high speed regardless) he would have to slow down...which is....real life.

    Animation for turbo...ball under one arm...animation for non turbo....ball carried in both hands. The ball carrying animation for the two speeds are vital for my next section.

    The aforementioned accelaration system brings me to my offload system. My offloads are systematically dependant on the use or non use of the turbo button. A basic offload takes place if two factors are present. 1) the tackle is low and 2) the player is carrying it in two hands (non turbo running). All that is required is that when a player is tackled low and the ball is being carried in both hands (non turbo running) the human player just needs to push pass again in the direction they choose. Of course offload dynamics are all subjective to the way the tackled player is falling coupled with the direction of the pass the human chooses, those factors combined determining the characteristics of the offload being positive or negative (JLR already had this...offloads under pressure went up in the air). Offloads are not possible if the player tackled is in "turbo mode" as the turbo animation has the turbo player holding the ball in one hand, which supports what normally happens in real life to most players (not talking about the skillful ones) who find it difficult to pass when sprinting and carrying it under their wing. This would balance out the game as having offloads unlimited fullstop at any speed or situation would be plain stupid. In this system if a player was turboing and was about to be tackled and you wanted to offload, you would need to slow down for a split second to put the ball in both hands (which is actually what happens a lot in real life when players hold it with two hands), take the tackle....and if it was a low tackle you offloaded as both your arms are free. Of course if they chose to go high with a smother tackle then both hands are tied up preventing the offload (its all about balance).

    Going off my topic (I was meant to be talking about acceleration) it is possible under my system to offload if you were being tackled high. If you were "fending" and a player tackled high and the animation due to player strength stats went into "stand off mode" (fend outstretched to separate players but still held in the tackle) for a split second before both players went to ground......in that split second as the free arm has the ball...that arm can execute the offload but only in the direction opposite to the side the ball is being held in (basically an inside pass). A pass attempted in the same direction of the hand holding the ball will result in the ball NOT going directly to the next player....but going to the ground for a free for all.

    If of course the tackler went low on you when you were trying to fend then you would be tackled as in my system the fends only work (if your stats are right) against the smother tackles that go high. Therefore in this tackle situation there would be no option to offload (to balance the game...otherwise people would fend hardout) which in a way also supports a sim as most offloads from low tackles are from players having the ball in two hands, not from players having it in one hand while mis-fending the air. By the time they get the ball back in two hands to pass they have hit the deck.

    For those people worried about my fend not working on low tackles I have a "jump out" animation (Rokococo running away from Drew Mitchell to score in an aussie bledisloe game did this...the one where he recieved the ball from Umaga in NZ's half....chipped past Turunui, chased, regathered, and jumped out of Mitchells desperate from behind diving tackle) where if it is timed right is able to sometimes beat those diving tackles from the side or behind (so both attacker and defender has options to beat a tackler or get tackled that are fair).

    don't get me started on my sidestep system...thats another story :)

    Man I could go on and on about this game and what it needs. Basically it needs to cut down more on the early interuption animations
  15. ozzy

    ozzy Guest

    Something that might add a bit more tactical depth to the game is gang tackling, where you can use higher strength players or heavier forwards to draw in multiple defenders in order to effectively stop them. The comp could also use this to create more holes in your own defense something it really needs to do to up the difficulty of the game a bit.
    Also goal line defense needs to be totally reworked it's extremely unfulfilling when you can constantly use barging runs from the forwards within the 10m and they will ALWAYS get over the line.
  16. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    I agree, it shits me that goal line defense is so useless with the run/tackle animation cutting in and you cant do jack about......in other words if ur 5m out guarranteed 5points unless u knock on, pass forward or it gets intercepted. :%#%#:

    instead of WL they should make you choose to play super 14 or heineken cup etc, so you manage your team and have a world league cup playoff......then at the end of the year have a north vs. south hemishere match depending on whichleague you went into
    kinda like fifa with a twist!
  17. android_FURY

    android_FURY Guest

    I agree, although i dont want world league to be scrapped a more in depth S14 etc would be nice.
    Ultimately id like a hybrid of RL2 franchise and world league...

    Perhaps if during world league players could be called up for rep duties in the post season(a la RL2 franchise) although unlike RL2 franchise in that players would be picked for those duties based on some kind of form or reputation, rather than via the selection lottery.

    The ability to sign young players locally or scout other areas.

    I liked the player development in RL2. I think if it was refined a bit more id like something of that sort. The ability to significantly increase stats (besides form and morale) and becoming a star player by reaching certain stats in certain areas.

    Oops that seems more of a R2007 wish list. MY bad :blink:
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