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What happened to my post count???

you ********!!! I am down by 100 !!!! thats...ten times my estimation !!!

I am dissapoint...

I was going to do that, but then i saw that there were local women in my area interested in meeting up with me!
Also, there are "russian beauties" just waiting for my call

Also, +rep for Nick, i actually chuckled :p

I wonder if those Russian beauties get ads telling them that creepy rugby fans want to have sex with them.
So, to summarise:

The database error has been fixed, which was the most important thing. Fair play to getofmeland for having a late night getting it fixed.

We've lost post count from pre-software switch. It's a pain but post count ultimately feels very little. If it helps, I've been using TRF since day 1 back in 2003 so my post count has violently gone down!
Ouch. I know I'd be extremely miffed if it happend to me. (I also know post counts mean precisely zilch.)
Well yeah, the more important thing is join date and even then that's still mostly irrelevant.
This is true... Now to get my post levels back to where they belong!
Join Date: April 2009
Post Count: 828

Those stats make for a grim read.
Getoffmeland clearly has had the worst of it, he's now averaging 30 posts a year!
Life has turned me into a busy bee but not on this forum :-( its upsets me a lot... But I will be back
yeah i got a bit of a shock when i saw my post count :) but oh well.

I remember back in teh day i was tryin to have lots and lots of posts, now days i am really busy with life, so will have to wait til I have a bit more free time before i can look at that again :)

surprised i have so many posts tbh:)
I only had about 1000, now I have 80 rofl
Join date: Sep 2008
Post count: 81 :\

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