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what posistion



what position should i play? i'm 5 foot 9 in and 200 lbs.

and i'm totally new to rugby. thanks.
Are you fast or strong, wot r u good at we can't help you because we don't no anything about you

:D :D :D :D
what are some of your other attributes? are you fast/agile? while size and height aren't everything - you may find yourself in the backs - your specific position will depend on your own personal strengths within the game - the backs are the offensive runners behind the scrum, if you're just starting out the coach might stick you out on the wing where you can watch alot of what goes on from the side of the play. However, if you're really have alot of upper body/lower body strength you may find yourself playing with the forwards - these are the guys in the scrum. But, again let us know what your athletic abilities and strengths are - can you jump, kick, catch really well, tackle - what other sports have you played? Then, again, just go out there to your local club and have fun - your coach and fellow players will know better what position is best for you.
i'm more fast than i am strong. i'm currently lifting wieghts, so the strength is increasing.
5'9", hey.. ur my height! although slightly heavier than me... but well, we can be anywhere!! lol :p I'd put u as a hooker though... or centres if ur fast?? I am fast and strong, and love contacts.. hence me in the backrow!
so if i like to hit people, and am big, but not too fast, where should i be?
u like to hit people dont u? just make sure u pack down in the scrum, and when u see anything that has the remotest possibility of bringing u down, start swinging ur arms like a maniac, or like ripper
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5'9" and 200lbs?


:lol2tn: 200lb Prop, oh for f***s sake.

He's a flanker man, he likes to hit people, and he's probably got some good speed.

I was a 200lb prop.. when I start rugby that is.. then I gain more fitness and the rugby brain.. then came my time as hooker.. and now, I play in the backrow, where i am best at... :cheers:
200lbs and 5'9", likes to hit people- seems like a hooker to me, big enough to hold your own in the scrums, but small enough to still be mobile. And nowhere else on the field do you get the chance to hit people like at hooker!

Just be prepared for the fact that you`ll be kicked in the head at every collapsed scrum- if the opposition locks are worth their salt, that is.
if you're somewhat insane and not too fast then hooker seems like a good place - have to be pretty quick playing in the backrow...
this has got me thinking, i'm moving to england in 2 years, should i just wait til i get there and play, or start playing now? i'm 16 and am totally new.

and i'm not really that fast. i wish i was though.

and before i start playing, i already play lacrosse, and football (both american and soccer).
Start playing now. If I were in your shoes, I'd concentrate on strength and stamana, so that's pumping iron and using either an excercise bike or a cross trainer.

Skills wise, make surte you get the basics right (catching & passing). Practice the lineout throw (the best way being hang a tyre from a branch approx 10 feet above the ground and throw a ball through it) incase it turns out the no. 2 shirt is best for you (plus it gives you vercitility) and play with a local club , making sure you learn the arts for both the front and back rows. A lot of forwards can switch between the 2 when required, so this will teach you the tricks required.
like what Teh Mite said... focus on stamina mate.. there is no use liking to hit people when u can only do that for half of the game... stamina! stamina! and stamina!!! Really guys... I wont put no newstarter anywhere near hooker... let him be one of those mobile props that pops up in support of a winger!!!! and tackles like Lima.. damn, that would be scary...
Well im 5ft11 and 192lbs, so ur 2 inches shorther and 8lb heavier, therefore you're probably stockier than i am so im guessing you'd be a good sized hooker! I play blindside flanker and hooker.

However you are 16 and if you aren't playing and decent representative football then you could very well play prop at club level.

So i reckon for club you could get away with playing prop, hooker or blindside flanker if you're agile enough but if you graduate to higher rugby as you continue on (i believe you've just started???), i'd say you'd be a good hooker!

The best of luck for your rugby endeavours!
dont listen to that bigoted afreak :D he needs the scrum cap to hide his big head :D haha kidding

you might want to play prop or blind flank of you like getting into fights
What do you mean, you`re not that tough? Anyone who plays American football and lacrosse makes the grade in my book. Plus, having played real football, you`ll know plenty about marking your opponent or creating space for yourself.

My advice would be to get playing, right now. Enjoy every moment of it, and don`t fret too much about what position you`ll play. I still reckon hooker, but blindside flanker would also work. Reckon you`re a bit too small for a prop though- I was about 190lbs at 16, and played centre.

Also excellent advice on getting the stamina work going- you should definately do that. Also remember that while doing the gym work, don`t underestimate the importance of muscle endurance- it`s more important than pure muscle strength IMO. Rather be able to still scrum your opponent after an hour than messing him up in the 1st scrum only.
no no no, you miss understood me. i was saying, i'm not that fast, i wish i was though.