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What position am I best suited for?



Hello everybody. I'm a USA Junior player looking for a position to try out for on the local team soon. I'm not totally sure what position I am best suited for. Any help would be very great.

I'm a muscular build, and tall for my age. I guess I'd be on a 13 and Under team the season after next.

I'm 5 foot 7, 165 lbs. with muscular build and strong legs.

For you metric-users, that's 170 cm and about 75 kg.

Thanks everyone.
From your simple description of yourself, I'd have to go with a gut call of second row. I guess it's the height thing. Who knows long term where you'll be, because your playing in an under 13 division, which means you must be under 13, right? So, everyone is going to be physically changing over the next few years. Right now, just have fun. Show up to practice and wherever the coach sticks you, work you ass off.
Ok, thanks man. I also forgot to mention that I can kick well. I can kick about 7 or so out of 10 conversions right down the middle.
I'd put you in at 10 and have you develop from there, not to many 13 year olds are going to stomp a big rampaging 5 foot 7 under 13!

But if that isnt the case go out there have fun, work on your skills on and off the ball and go from there.
I reckon at number 12 (2nd5/8, inside center). Right build (not overly tall, quite solid), can kick well, and if you're strong that's a bonus for attacking and busting the line.
Just watch some games and see what position you like, then train accordingly. Your still in the learning years, find a position you like then study game film of the current elite players.
I`d have to agree with giving everything a good go, and just enjoying yourself. But you`re pretty tall for a 13-year-old, and pretty big. Add to that a solid boot, and I`m thinking that maybe fullback would be a good bet. Not too many kids will beat you in the air, so taking the up-and-unders out of the opposition`s game plan. Added to that, being pretty muscular, defending and the relative physicality of the position wouldn`t be a problem. And you can use your size to get onto the counter-attack too.
I think you should start at flanker its one of the best positions to play imo and it will give you a better understanding of the forwards game. So even if you change your mind and go to the backs at least you'll know how the fowards operate.
Im not sure if rugby is the same in Canada as it is in the US, but don't you start with 5 man scrums (uncontested?) with U14? Im not completely sure.

I totally think you should play in the centres; you could play a lot of crash ball, and most U13's are quite adept at tackling. Once you move on to U16, i'd let your coach decide where to put you, or just decide where you like playing the best/where you think you're best at, and play that position. Its good if you can cover multiple positions, you will become the coaches favorite.
in my opinion with your age, you can play in all position. Have you play as a number 8?.
I don't think you should pick a definite position until you are a little older, your skills and size can change alot in the next few years as can those of players around you so you should just see what happens and where your coach thinks you should play.
Try out different positions. You are too young to have fully developed physically, so there is no point in trying to use that data to pinpoint a good position for you.
i need some help too. i'm not as young as the original poster, but i'm 1.78m and 77kg. can run like hell, good with ball handling, can kick with both feet. everyone keeps telling me that i should be in the wing, but i noticed that all newbies get to play the wing. so my question is: am i just in a newbie position and my position is at stake?
i'd say inside or outside center

at 1.78m - 5ft 8in you are about the same height as mr brian o'driscoll

and 77kg is a pretty decent weight

plus the handling and kicking can come in really handy for a 12
i'd say inside or outside center

at 1.78m - 5ft 8in you are about the same height as mr brian o'driscoll

and 77kg is a pretty decent weight

plus the handling and kicking can come in really handy for a 12

thanks, man! i just watched some Brian O'Driscoll vids con youtube and loved his style. some time ago i saw some great plays by Rupeni Caucau that really impressed me, so i'll keep my options open to get a position from 12 to 14. i don't think i would be able to play forward because i'm not that built up.
whenever u wanna change positions ..try out number 8 ..should fit quite well..
by the way kicking from halway line seems a bit exagerate.....
Because you're tall for your age, a decent weight and have strong legs, you should be a second row, but if you want to be a back, then you could try being a fly-half (if you're not too slow).
Well, you're pretty big for your age so I'd probably advise you to go with seond row or loose forward as it appears you'll be tailor made for the pack as you continue to grow/develop. Cheers!

Oh, I just noticed when this thread was started...well, I hope everything has gone well.

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