What trainers are you wearing?

Discussion in 'The Clubhouse Bar' started by Gavin, Jun 4, 2020.

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    As most of us appear to be keeping fit i thought it would be interesting to find out what types of trainers people are wearing for particular purposes.

    I've always been a hybrid person who wore trainers which I can use for the gym and road running, but now I'm thinking of getting separate pairs.

    I have a pair of Hoka One One Carbon X on order and excited to see how the carbon plate will help with my speed on the roads
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  3. Jabby

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    Nov 25, 2010
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    we've been getting into running, dong a couch potato to 5km running programme, only up to 25min runs but we're still going

    we both just got new shoes as we want to keep it going, ive gone from Asics Nimbus (had for a few years) to a Salomon Sonic 3 (balance), only a week old but good so far

    my wife had a less interesting time, shes had three knee reconstructions over the last 20 something years, first one in highschool, her orthopaedic surgeon at the time told her to buy Brooks Adrenaline’s as the best to support her knee

    about 10 years later we were living in London and went to a pediatrist for new shoes….they said the brooks adrenalin was the only option for her..

    she had her third knee reconstruction about five years ago and once recovered we went and got new shoes, one of those machines that reads your gate etc and gives a suggestion….brooks adrenalin…she just gets new brooks adrenalins on line now…why bother trying anything else
  4. TRF_Olyy

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    Nike metcons for general gymwear,
    Adidas power perfect for squats
    Adidas.... something or other for running. They were their flagship ones around the 2012 Olympics (I only remember this because the brownlee brothers were advertising them). Bought them on sale the year after and I run infrequently enough these days that they're still going strong this long on :p
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