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when fowards become backs

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hey this is my first post and i was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and is there a cure?

i got it on the ps2 and in world league, when i buy a new foward and have to trade him for one of mine, apparently i only have about 8 fowards. for some reason the computer thinks that almost all of the 2nd row and back row players i have are backs :huh: . hence i cant buy new fowards to get my team any better. anyone got any ideas? iv only started playing it again recently and i cant remember it bein this bad when i used to play it
Must admit I've never seen this. So please clear this up; (for example) When you nuy Richie McCaw the game turns him from a back row into a back?

I'll assume you're using Bristol, and I know they have more then 8 sweatys to begin with. Sounds like an odd problem.
thats a new one, how ae jerry collins and richie mccaw performing on the wong? JC the new Lomu? haha
I know what you mean, it's just hard to explain.

There are only a selection of your players who you can trade in any transfer. I think this is an attempt by EA to add some sense of realism, i.e. not every player would be willing to get shipped off to another club, or the other team might not want particular players.

This is the assumption I have always made anyway.
yeh thats what i thought at first but if i go to buy a back, the computer will happily let me trade my 2nd row and back row players. from what i can remember offhand, the only fowards i have left(on trade roster) are the front rows, chris jack, marty holah, jason white and maybe one other. these are three are either starters or on the bench and i have far weaker players id like to trade eg craig short, martin-redman etc.

when i play games theyre still fowards and even on the trade roster they are still 2nd rows, flankers etc but they are in with all my backs. so i can only get rid of them by buying another back, which doesnt really help when im tryin to strengthen my pack lol
You need to test this. Simply start a new game (possibly with another club) and see if it continues to do the same thing.

If it does - maybe delete your profile and "start" the game from new again.

If it continues to do the same thing then you are screwed.

I am sure that it will fix itself up when you start a new game though. Fingers crossed.
I have this problem aswell, it is a bit annoying. However I rarely make trades as the only ones I do do, are to bring in players who play for club I am using, but are not on the starting roster.


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