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When u've only got the fullback to beat?

What is your first move when u only have the fullback to beat

  • Grubber

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  • Sidestep

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  • Shoulder

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  • Fend

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Mr. Laxative

This may not be the most useful poll but i was just curious about what people do to get past fullback. I useually grubber and most times the timing is near perfect. So what about u?
i voted for the grubber, but actually, it depends on the player who got the ball.
for example, if it's o'driscoll, i will use the sidestep, but if it's umaga, it will be the grubber.
Side-step looks great, and since Elhorga's try in the Quarter Final when he did that, I've never even thought of doing anything else.
Why is there no draw and pass option?? as this is all i ever do to beat the fullback
This might sound stupid, but I usually get tackled and it ****** me off. I can't get the sidestep to work. I must wait too long to pass too. It's like there is a 10m tractor beam and if you get within 10m of the #15 you can't do anything but get sucked in. Trying to take the hit and then pass is a pipe dream. It can never happen!!!
Originally posted by Teh Mite@Mar 27 2005, 09:56 AM
I use crashball. Just call me old school.
same here,unless I'm controling a back or a fast forward(van Niekerk),when I usually sidestep.
my world league Backs are
Spencer,Tana,O'Driscoll,Caucau,Howlett and Tuqiri I just stiff arm all the time
i bump off the full back mainly because i dont have support and im surrounded i just take it out on the fullback by bumping him off.......unless i have caucau(the man!) i burn the fullback...mwahahahaaaa!!!
Doing a draw and pass to beat the full back is awsome and easy, you just have to do it real early, like just as the fullback appears on screen otherwise the tractor beam will get you every time!! One on one its the same do your move way early. The fend seems to work more often than the others on hard mode, and it looks cool as!!!
Depends on the player. Most players I will use the fend, because I find it's the easiest move to get the timing right, but with really quick players like Robinson and Howlett and just cut inside the 15 and cruise away.

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