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Why don't they make WWE Smackdown vs Raw for pc?



I've searched for it on the net and still can't find a answer for why don't they make WWE Smackdown vs Raw for pc?

The only wrestling game for the pc that I ever had was WWF Raw.I don't know if they think that a pc wont be able to handle the graphics or something... :rolleyes:
Mate, I have no idea why they don't make wresting games for PC anymore, all I know is that I enjoyed the hell out of playing WCW Nitro on the pc. Bret Hart, Lex Luger, Diamond Dallas Page, Macho Man Randy Savage, Kevin Nash!!! Heck, it even had the chick wrestlers!
There were even more unlockables than what there were to start with! Disco Inferno, Mean Gene Okerlund, Sonny Ono, Jimmy Hart....God damn I miss the WCW!!!
Yeah the good'ol days...I know you can download a modded WWF Raw game for the pc with all the new superstars like John Cena,Batista ect but damn,it would be nice to have SVR for pc.

Im currently playing ps2 via my tv tuner on my pc and thats how I was able to make that Batista avatar,its kinda cool recording what you play on ps2
you can hack the game onto PC and ****.


find hacks
find how to put new music into game
make the best realistic caws
make the best realistic caws with hacks

for example here they make khali with caw for SVR2006



somewhere it say u cna crack something to PC for svr2006
it's probably just not cost effective enough to bring it out on pc. they can get guaranteed sales on the consoles by forcing everyone to buy the next game every year or so. the demographic of a wrestling game also suits the consoles. as well as getting the older adult crowd they get the teen and younger crowd where mum and dad may buy a kid a console and games but not a whole new pc.
i think that the smackdown series is the best wresltling game ever released and can not wait to 09