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  1. who are the first couple of players you replace, and the last few? mine are, heffler and then james (not taken out of the team, but as in benched for a better player)
    and the last two are davies and katalau - davies because the sh isnt really that important in this game, and katalau, well... he plays good when i use him, but i got hill (eng) so i put him in no8 (krega? SA) was already in the 7, (i wanted 2 tacklers on to attack the openside and though that the 6 i would never/havent used) anyway, i got donnaldson? the original no6 to start and then katalau in to replace him on the blind side (or vv)
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  3. isnt he maori? im sure of it [​IMG]
  4. sizzler

    sizzler Guest

    1.Bill Young
    2.Kieth Wood
    4.Chris Jack
    5.Radiki Samo
    7.George Smith
    8.Jerry Collins
    9.George Gregan
    10.Matt Giteau
    12.Nathan Grey
    14.Clyde Rathbone
  5. kinkon89

    kinkon89 Guest


    he's crap!
  6. sizzler

    sizzler Guest

    Cullen crap??? you have got to be kidding me. I would have thought Cullen would be one of the only players where everyone would universally agree was great.
  7. hoeft is german last name i met a few of them...being all samoan...hes gotta samoan tat for crying out loud! [​IMG]
  8. jonwebb

    jonwebb Guest

    Your Kidding. Cullen changed what a fullback should be. He is one of the greatest attacking fullbacks of all time.
  9. ninjapirate

    ninjapirate Guest

    this was fun. i'll bump it
  10. jgough

    jgough Guest

    I'd say this will be my World League XV team that I'll be aiming to get:

    1: Os Du Randt (South Africa)
    2: Kevin Mealamu (New Zealand)
    3: Omar Hasan (Argentina)
    4: Ian Gough (Wales) ©
    5: Simon Mailing (New Zealand)
    6: Troy Flavell (New Zealand)
    7: Tom Harding (New Zealand)
    8: Sam Harding (New Zealand)
    9: Peter Stringer (Ireland)
    10: Andrew Mehrtens (New Zealand)
    11: Shane Williams (Wales)
    12: Earl Va'a (Samoa)
    13: Brian O'Driscoll (Ireland)
    14: Jason Robinson (England)
    15: Brent Russell (Sotuh Africa)

    Plus, I'll keep a few of the defult ones around that were there from the start.

    I also like to rotate a few of the players every now and then. Hehe, horses for courses [​IMG]

    Gough's my captain, and star #4, for the stupid reason that we have the same last name. The team is hardly based on what would be awesome, but it's a group of guys that I think could be quite fun to play with (and I mean that in the most hetrosexual way possible). Also, it's certinly not a bad team.

    It'll be a bit of a challenge to take down the really big boys with them, but if the game does get a bit easy on normal mode then this team should make it more even.


    Jamie Gough
  11. candybum

    candybum Guest

    i remember in the 04 version, if memory serves me correctly, dat in the super12, or wateva game everytime i had lomu, i cud never break a brent russell tackle. which was kinda BS
  12. welchs

    welchs Guest

    man that katalau guy in the default team for rugby 2004 the big number 8, well i used him at inside center til the very end he was a monster, no-one could tackle him first up and he took alot of pressure off of heffler who is shite
  13. 1. Bill Young
    2. Jeremy Paul
    3. Omar Hasan
    4. Radike Samo
    5. Nathan Sharpe
    6. Phil Waugh
    7. Martyn Williams
    8. George Smith
    9. Agustin Pichot
    10. Stephen Larkham ©
    11. Lote Tuqiri
    12. Matt Giteau
    13. Clyde Rathbone
    14. Rupeni Caucaunabuca
    15. Gareth Thomas

    16. Brendon Cannon
    17. Matt Dunning
    18. Justin Harrisson
    19. Serge Betsen
    20. Jean Baptiste Ellisalde
    21. Nicky Little
    22. Shane Williams


    23. Chris Paterson
    24. Brian Lima
    25. Api Naevo
    26. Jason Robinson
    27. Stephen Jones
    28. Imanol Harinordoquy
    29. Justin Marshall
    30. Semo Sititi
    31. Elton Flatley
  14. richees

    richees Guest

    wilkinson is a beast, he's one of the strongest out half's i've seen, he probably gets injured so much as he trains too hard too get back though
  15. mark_shaw

    mark_shaw Guest

    i disagree, hes no where near the strongest, look at guys like spencer or mcalsister those guys are big nz boys not a little tea sipping tart like 'jonny'
  16. Why would you have him? i know him personally he is a good guy but his stats are shite in R2004 and proly the same in R2005
  17. Gandalf

    Gandalf Guest

    1. Ox Durandt
    2. Jeremy Paul
    3. Case Meeuws
    4. Martin Johnson (capt)
    5. Gun Jack
    6. The Incredible Schalk
    7. Richie McCaw
    8. Big Joe

    9. Georgie Gregan
    10. Brent Russel
    11. Lote Tuquri
    12. Daniel Carter
    13. BOD
    14. Tonderai Chavanga
    15. Matt Rogers

    16. Phil Vickery
    17. Steve Thompson
    18. Olivier Pelouse
    19. George Smith
    20. Neil de Kock
    21. Sir Johnny
    22. Bryan Habana

    Just team for world league, methinks good blend of pace, power and mobility
  18. welchs

    welchs Guest



    26.a cheap half back
    27.N.Little(cheap but effective)
  19. Toulousain

    Toulousain Guest

    1-Os Du Randt
  20. big86

    big86 Guest

    1. K. Meews (o my beast)
    2. S. Thompson (another massive man)
    3. P Noriega (Strongest man in rugby)
    4. R. Samo (as fast as most wingers)
    5. N. Sharpe (Great ball runner, lineout jumper, scrummager)
    6. G. Smith (Best pilferer when on his game)
    7. R. Mccaw (2nd best pilferer when on his game)
    8. D. Lyons (almost unstoppable when he gets some momentum up)

    9. G. Gregan (gets under the skin of every other halfback)
    10. M. Giteau (Awesome pace off the mark, and by the looks of the flat footed 10's in the videos this will be very important)
    11. L. Tuqiri (Jumps over everyone)
    12. T. Umaga (almost perfect player)
    13. B. O'Drisscoll (same as Umaga)
    14. R Caucauibuca (Pure pace, and bigger than Ohata)
    15. J. Robinson (Imagine the counter attacking options... Tuqiri to robinson to Caucau!)
  21. mark_shaw

    mark_shaw Guest

    sione laukai wwould kill smith
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