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  1. Gandalf

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    Brent russel at 10 would be much more effective than matt big86!
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  3. mark_shaw

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    yeh blo i guess it comes down to individual favortie i mean, i from nz and at school kicking is frownd upon unless ur in touble, so thats why i always cuck spencer in there if u understand
  4. 1. regarrio - Arg (strength)
    2.Mealamu - nz (speed from lineouts)
    3.vickery - eng (weight, strength)
    4. Jack - nz (strength)
    5. o kelly - ire (lineouts, tackling)
    6. gibbs - nz (average player but can fill in at lock if needed, dont use blindside that often)
    7. krege - sa (tackler, speed)
    8. hill - eng (tackler, speed)
    9. pichot - arg (passing, speed)
    10. Mertins - nz (kicking, both goal and punt)
    11. lomu - nz (strength to push off last defender 5m out, never use him elsewere...)
    12. umaga -nz (break tackle)
    13. BOD - ire (awesome player)
    14. Caucau -fiji (speed)
    15. Rogers - aus (was going to be cullen, but suffered a injury to a wing and merts, so i needed a backup kicker, and someone who can play a variaty of positions and still be a quallity player)
  5. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest


    <<15. Rogers - aus (was going to be cullen, but suffered a injury to a wing and merts, so i needed a backup kicker, and someone who can play a variaty of positions and still be a quallity player) >> know they're not real eh? Like you could just imagine Cullen wasn't injured.

    I'm sorry.......but have you lost it or s'thing? [​IMG]
  6. yeah but thats cheating [​IMG]
  7. seto_724

    seto_724 Guest

    1. B. Young (Aus)
    2. F. Mendez (Arg)
    3. J. Hayes (Ire)
    4. C. Jack (Nz)
    5. S. Murray (Scot)
    6. R. McCaw (Nz) (I know he is an openside but I want Smith in 7)
    7. G. Smith (Aus)
    8. S. Taylor (Scot)
    9. P. Stringer (Ire)
    10. D. Carter (Nz) (I wish he was faster and right footed)
    11. L. Tuquri (Aus)
    12. D. Trallie (France) (I hate franch, but this guy is good)
    13. B. O'Driscoll © (Ire)
    14. B. Paulse (RSA)
    15. J. Robinson (Eng) (I hate the english too, and i wish he had better tackling but to counterattack with him is easy and fun)

    16. G Bullock (Scot)
    17. M. Reggiardo (Arg)
    18. M. O'Kelly (Ire)
    19. J. Van Niekerk (RSA)
    20. M. Giteau (Aus) (Scrum and fly half and centre, what a sub, plus awesome player, this guy is unlucky to be benched, Sorry Matty)
    21. T. Umaga (NZ) (Only benched cause I want him at 13 and I can't willingly take of BOD)
    22. C. Cullen (NZ)

    R O. Du Randt (RSA) (Why are his srumaging stats low next to Young, I think Os is betterin reality)
    R N. Sharpe (Aus)(Only cause Matfield is loe stated compared, VICTOR IS THE MAN IN REALITY!)
    R R. Hill (Eng)(Still hate English... But with his stats....)
    R S. Burger (RSA)(He is crap at 6 so he is stuck as a back up 7 to Smith and McCaw)
    R A. Pichot (Arg)
    R ?.Pecleo (France)(This guy is my number one flyhalf for france in this game... DOES ANYONE KNOW ABOUT HIM IN REALITY... He is the Bougain default full back)
    R B. Lima (Samoa) (not the best wing... but all teams need the chiroprator)
    R A. Rougrie (France) (I like him to... tho he is french)

    I am not racist in my disliking of France and England. I dislike France cause they always beat ireland when they are on a roll (RWC 2003 and Six nation 2005) and England cause they are the 'world champions' that can't win anything more then the world cup...

    Why does J.Kaino (Blues) suck so much in this game when he is the an awesome no.6 for NZ and why is he Samoan in the game, did the kiwis steal him too?

    Oh and I am an Ozzie... and to pick only 5 ozzies in my team was pretty fair... esp. with 4 kiwis too...

  8. Los Lover

    Los Lover Guest

    who else did the kiwis "steal"?

    I think you must be confused..

    or jealous...

    or both probably.


    Are you talking about Rokocoko who has been here since he was three?

    These players who speak of are Kiwis - that is why they play for New Zealand.

    The only players we have "stolen" EVER - is Van Dyk in netball....


    And she stick that up your jaxxy!!!!

    Oh and don't get me started on Rathbone (played SA u-21 team), Abbot, Pietersen (England's form cricketer at the moment) etc etc....These are better examples and they DO NOT play for New Zealand.

    Opinions like yours belong in the gutter.
  9. You're stupid.

    I don't think a response to a statement like yours needs more depth to it than that.
  10. seto_724

    seto_724 Guest

    thats great guys...
    we are all have our opinions. I expressed mine and you expressed yours.
    i only wanted to see what people thought of the team since this is a forum for that is it not? I add the other comments to justify things I have said.

    My point on England was stating that they havent beaten a major nation since RWC 2003.
    And the Question on Kaino was about HIM not on the kiwis 'stealing' players. I dont care if they do. I worded it wrong and reliezed that when you said rathbone. Like your guys, he came willingly... And this is a rubgy site, I didnt come to talk about netball and cricket.
    AS for my opinions belonging in the gutter... Well maybe they do... I dont care, as I said I wanted the team rated, and to know about Pecleo and Kaino.

  11. big86

    big86 Guest

    Actually try Jason Robinson at 10. he can score just aboiut every time he gets the ball
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