World league transfer questions?

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by Black-Monday, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I have been playing as the Edinburgh gunners and have taken them all the way to a 1 game away promotion to the elite league, but the thing is my fly half is letting me down.

    There has not been a fly half that can kick on the transfers since my first season when i couldn't afford anyone, now i have buckets but a greyed out vd westhuyzen to look at.

    So i want to know when do the decent fly half's come about, even chris paterson's kicking would do?

    And does he come about as he is the only player along with ali hogg not to be in my rebuilt gunner squad.

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  3. spearman

    spearman Guest

    I was lucky enough to get N.Robinson in my first season. I guess it just depends on your results - I did quite well, I never lost a game from my first div1 game to my final elite league game. (on Elite difficulty) But it all started with a good win first game and I held the teams moral, transfering to Paris in the third season and winning the elite league from there.

    I won't bother doing it again as it is so annoying playing with Heffler et al. - I only did it to be able to paly against the Lions on tour. My advice is don't buy the next fly half that comes your way. String some good results together before a transfer window and you may get lucky. Other than that you'll have to wait until you get to the Elite League and have Carter on his knees begging to play for you :D
  4. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    I am the Edinburgh gunner's and have dave hodge is taking the kicks at 60 skill, i have about 60% kicking percentage, but i'll never be able to match carters 60 kicks a season or whatever mad amount he gets.

    Actually i remembered i just bought Stephen Jones from clermont for a mega 460k, his kicking is mid 80's. Although he's no expert.

  5. Bullitt

    Bullitt Guest

    I'm playing as Worcester and there's a SA guy that's availible to sign. His kicking is only around 78 or so, but he's quick with good acceleration and he's got good hands.

    I can't be asked to turn the Xbox on to find out his name, but if memory serves me right he comes from a welsh side.

    *Edited because I couldn't spell last night, being drunk n'all... :ph34r:
  6. android_FURY

    android_FURY Guest

    Some fullbacks have first five as their secondary position, and quite a few of them are reasonable at kicking, it might be worth a look.
  7. Titan

    Titan Guest

    I've just bought Michalak in my 4th season, and he has a good goal kicking rating.
  8. Black-Monday

    Black-Monday Guest

    Is it Mallack or Michalak. Cos i hate the gay names EA make up.

  9. Titan

    Titan Guest

    Pretty sure it's Michalak. SH.
  10. toup

    toup Guest

    I've only ever been able to sign Mallack in World League...
  11. stormmaster1

    stormmaster1 Guest

    there seems to be some players you cannot get. After 4 seasons, i've won every game and every trophy on elite, have buckets of cash, but can't get Wilkinson, Castagnede, or Van der westhuyzen. it's annoying that you can't get to all the players like previous games.
  12. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    I've had oppertunities to buy Wilkinson (who would honestly?) and v/d westhuyzen too so they do come up, but yes, you can't get to specific players if they are not on the list. It is annoying and I think after winning the WL on elite it should open up the ability to choose the club you want to coach and then to select players you want.
  13. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    So are you telling me that in World League I may never get to use my created "me"? That sucks. Hopefully I will want to play for me? I haven't even checked to see if I exist in WL...

  14. If you want to change the names use dahrf's player editor down the page, it's excellent! (Not sure if you already know about it)
  15. spearman

    spearman Guest

    You won't exist in world league as user created players are only added to user rosters. You could change the name/stats of an original game roster player (with dharf's editor) to include yourself. All world leagues use the default roster only editable with dharf's stat editor. Hope this helps.
  16. QKXV

    QKXV Guest

    I don't know but I doubt that you will become available for purchase. Like Spearman says created players forms part of user rosters and the WL uses default rosters
  17. USArugger

    USArugger Guest

    No me in WL. I'll get over it...
  18. Confused

    Confused Guest

    But will the ladies get over it?
  19. Titan

    Titan Guest

    You're right! It is Mallack...

    (It hasn't taken me 2 weeks to figure that out, I've just been out of the country!)
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