XBM magazine review.... not good!

Discussion in 'Rugby Video Games & Apps' started by locksley, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. locksley

    locksley Guest

    I haven't got a scanner fellas, so I can't post the review up here!

    Anyway, in this months XBM Xbox magazine, it gives a whole half page (sarcasm intended) for a review of Rugby 2005!

    The reviewer tells us he knows all about the sport, then starts to tell us about "Throw ins" meaning, of course, line-outs!

    Anyway, the shocking thing is, they gave it 3 OUT OF 10

    But that's not the worst..... they said "Avoid this!" and "It's a step back from rugby 2004" !!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTT [​IMG] Now I know the reviewer hasn't a clue what he's talking about!

    I'll try to sort out posting the review on here!
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  3. Springbokfan

    Springbokfan Guest

    OK sum1 plz just go shoot that man.

    Probably sum oke that played rugby as a kid and got dropped from the squad.

    hehe so now he is trying to kill the game.

    Or - Maybe the game is just sooo good that he tries to make everybody not buy it and then he is sure of getting a copy.

    MMMMM tough one

  4. Springbok

    Springbok Guest

    I think that guy started playing rugby cause of the physical contact between men aroused him. He however found out that it was a bit more physical than initially thought.


  5. -JJ-

    -JJ- Guest

    A step back from Rugby 2004? Meah, I can tell just from the videos that this review doesn't have much creditability.

    Still, it would be interesting to know why this person thinks this.
  6. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    [​IMG] A STEP BACK FROM RUGBY 2004??? [​IMG] thats it! wheres my shotgun!!!
    is he for real....i mean.....for F#^$S SAKE!
    anyone up for a drive-by [​IMG] ?.....anyone?
  7. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    God damn. Post that review up as soon as you can so "we can taunt him a second time"- Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  8. how-a-bout a drive....thru,**** im hungry
  9. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    Fried chicken?
  10. A step back from rugby 2004 is like going to inner depths of rugby hell. This guy cant be serious. Maybe we should pay him a visit and make him finish the challenge tracking on easy - see how boring and repetitive the game is.
  11. nah...the hard stuff...micky dees....super size meh [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    dont worry mums home [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] ...food,food,food
  12. bujin

    bujin Guest

    By calling the lineouts "throw ins", it sounds like he suffers from the same problem as the PC Zone article I posted the other day - not interested in rugby at all, but more interested in football (soccer).

    They should leave the reviewing to people who would actually consider buying the game!

    Let's face it, when I play games on the PC (when I ever actually get a chance to these days!), my favourite genre is FPS. If I was a reviewer and was given, say, Black & White to review ("god" game, for those who don't know...), I'd mark it pretty low because I'm just not interested in it! On the other hand, I would have considered buying Doom 3 before it was released, but on playing it, I found it to be a boring, mindless shooter, so I'd have marked it down. BUT, I'd have marked it down because it didn't live up to my expectations, not because I'm not interested in the subject matter.
  13. Black|Raven

    Black|Raven Guest

    we'll throw super sized fries and coke at him.....wait......i'm hungry...hold the fries!
  14. bujin

    bujin Guest

    Yeah, I'll have a junior western bacon chee. A JUNIOR western bacon chee. Cos I'm trying to watch my figure.

    Oh, and a fillet o' FISH sandwich, cos that has less calories, cos it's FISH.

  15. robbinho

    robbinho Guest

    Aaah, the one of every animal diet..... [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. kaftka

    kaftka Guest

    [​IMG] Tenacious D.
  17. hurricane13

    hurricane13 Guest

    nah he dont no nothing aye he must be talking bout rugby 95 on the mega drive or something, and is this magazine any good?
  18. chuquea

    chuquea Guest

    great vids & I still have 95 for sega!!!!! the videos are great to tie me over for the game. I've predordered and hope to have on the 9th...how are you recording the videos?
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