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Xbox 360 becoming more of a PC?


Goth Power

It has now been announced that on top of a shiny new makeover with the X360 Dash users will also be given the option to install their X360 games on their HD which will increase loading times etc...although this is a cool idea you will still need the game disc for obvious reasons...Read up!
It's too bad that no matter what Sony and Microsoft do, their games will just never look as good as they do on a PC... :p
^^Fanboi alert!

On topic: The new dashboard is more like the Wii then a PC.
Technically we've known about this since E3, but apparently I forgot to mention it. Which is odd as I mentioned pretty much every other new feature of the new dashboard. Whoops.

It's not exactly a feature i'll be rushing to use, but then neither are avatars. Not unless "purple clothed ninja" is an option anyways. And is it me or does the interface seem clunky for this kind of thing? I thought the whole point of the new dashboard was to simplify things for *shudder* "casuals"?

Hey, at least its optional. Something more PS3 games should do really. (Merely an observation, not an attack. It's kinda sad I have to put this disclaimer here, but if I dont, im sure somebody will misconstrue my words...)

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