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Xbox Live to Get LOVEFiLM, BBC iPlayer, 4oD and More


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Mar 1, 2006
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Microsoft has just announced that Xbox Live is set to receive a massive influx of TV and entertainment channels including BBC iPlayer, 4oD, LOVEFiLM and Channel 5 in the UK, UFC, Verizon and HBO GO in the United States, and a whole host of others around the globe, making for nearly 40 planned entertainment services for Xbox Live in all, pushing the total to over 50.



Iplayer was difficult because Microsoft weren't allowed to charge to use it (part of the licence thingy means that BBC cannot sell their content to the uk or advertise on the BBC branded channels - of course, the UK network is a different story but that's another debate for another day).
Was iPlayer not associated with the Wii or PS3?
It was on both (only in the UK), but because m$ charge for gold accounts they couldn't add it as a feature.
Big fan of this!

Netflix has been linked to XBL in the USA for a while now, was wondering when lovefilm would get in on the act - never going to pay for lovefilm but its nice to have the option there :p

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