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Xbox Live


Saint N Sinner

Well, I had a productive day.

Sitting in front of an Xbox hooked up to Live for 7 hours straight. Boy did I have a good day.

Up until now I have been an Xbox Live virgin and now I'm gagging for more.

Played PGR2, Rainbow Six 3, Forza Motorsport, Burnout 3 etc

Anyone else have Live? When I have it finally I will let you guys know and il battle it out with some familiar guys.

What are your usernames on Live anyway??

Your thoughts??
I would get it, except for;

1. I'm too tight to pay £40 for the subscription
2. I'd have to unplug my PC which means I'd be stopping my downloads


3. I have Battlfield 2 on my PC. I don't need any other online games!
Best thing I have played on the Xbox, Teh Mite. Just get a router you can do both things at the same time. The bandwith would be cut if using both but its worth it.

The bloody Americans that lagg on purpose when playing last man standing on PGR2 pis**s me off. They pause the router so they come back on screen at a differsnt time and place when trying to take them out.

Anyone played that??

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