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I have been thinking of going on XBox Live during Christmas when my scholarship money (Showoff) comes through. Particularly if D.O.A Ultimate and Halo 2 are any good. My local network of mates don't want to play me that much. Gosh they are disappointing.

Halo 2.....after that suck excuse of a first game does anyone think this one will live up to the hype? I am slowly getting sucked into the hype.

If only WCR was online....imagine the debate on this forum and the bragging rights.

By the way....my wife said she saw Halo 2 being previewed on TV3 News and she reckoned that they have a create a player (including face) mode where you build the player up from when they are young. Halo 2 websites and fansites seem to know nothing about this. Does anyone here in NZ know anything about this TV3 news report about Halo 2? Or is my wife playing games with me again.

Gosh these posters on these Halo 2 forums are a bit rude and sometimes one eyed. Don't worry TRF mates....I put them in their place without saying a single expletive.
I don't have Xbox Live. But my cousins mate does and it is very good. It isn't as good as playing online on the PC (although that depends) because there is usually a fair bit of lag, but that's easy to overcome.
I can't believe you don't like Halo. The inly real let down I found for the game was it's repetitiveness. Halo 2 looks good but I haven't really been following it. It doesn't surprise me that you can customise your player, as that would be for multiplayer only I presume.
I think Halo 2 will live up to the hype simply because I liked the first game. I don't know. What did you hate about Halo?
I didn't "Hate" Halo....actually it has slowly grown on me, but I have played FPS games since Doom on computer in the early 90's and kind of expected an advancement on what has been produced on games consoles and perhaps a bit on PC's.

Halo framerate is slow. Checkout Timesplitters series....even on PS2 it is faster.

Environments are very basic and after a while look quite monotonous. Almost like the programmers rushed things.

No bots for deathmatch practice.

Actionless in a lot of the storymode....or the same action repeated over and over again.

OMG I could go on and on about this.....but I just remember there was a Halo thread somewhere where people posteed their dislikes and likes on Halo.

Anyway....hope Halo 2 really is that good as I really want to go on XBox live.
Theres no doubting that FPS on the pc have always been better than console FPS.
Same with online I'm afraid. PC gaming has always been ahead of console gaming IMO. The only problem is finding thousands of dollars every year or two.
Consoles are just a cheaper alternative. Especially in FPS' which have for a very long time been PC only. That's one of the reasons why Halo was such a success. It was a very good game. Remember, it was one of the earlier games for xbox.
When Halo came out on PC, it wasn't such a success. That's because there are a lot of better FPS' out there that is PC only.......
^can't be bothered typing any longer^
Did you see on either 20/20 or 60 minutes when they were talking about Microsoft, XBox live, and Halo 2? Far out the game looked good on those screens from what I saw. With the framerate and the graphics it definitely looked very close, if not the same to PC level. It was definitely the console as this is what they showed and not a PC.
No I didn't see it, but games have come a long way in the last 2 years, especially with Xbox because of it's power campared to other consoles. Even though I haven't been following the game that closely, I'm definitely going to buy it. Now all I need is some money...

As for Xbox Live, I doubt I'll be signing up anytime soon. Simply because of the cost issue. So I'm happy with playing on my computer for now. I don't see too much point in going online with the Xbox, when I can do it all on PC. I would if I had the money mind you...

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