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XMl editor



Hi Guys,

I believe you can change the teams names using an XML editor. I have got Cooktop 2.200. I want to change Sale Sharks to Wigan Warriors but i have not got a clue on how to use it. :wall:
If anyone can help or suggest a better editor, it would be greatly appreciated.


All you have to do is click on the Xml file to open it in a webpage. You can;t edit anything here, so right click on the page and select "view source". Here is a version of the xml file in editable format. Edit as you wish, do a quick save as, then select the xml file you're editing, overwriting it. The changes work in the game in exhibition mode, i think you might have to find a different file for world mode.

While we're on the topic Jeff, I have renamed all the Super 14 teams as Superleague teams. I'm hoping, when i figure it out, to change the kits, flags, logos etc too.

Good luck.
i take it, it is the data.gob i open?? i told you i need an idiots guide :p


You can use as woosaah & EVOL have said Notepad, but i find ( php Expert Editor 3.2.1 ) better, its a cool package to use as it shows you the open & closed quoted parts in a different colour makes it easy to find and edit! ;) and yes you can use it to edit *.xml *.php *.html and more?

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