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your countrys form team

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Nah I'm happy with things as is... just gives me the shits when I have to go back and forth trying to work **** out... you guy's should have more respect for some of the old ******** on this forum (not old like Rassie but still old)
Originally posted by 187@Apr 4 2006, 05:10 PM
i reckon we'd need him, he's a utility back, what country doesn't need one of those. he plays every position in the backline bar halfback and i think flyhalf. you can tell he's a very skilled player he just needs the confidence now.
confidence and experience..

with all the hype selectors and coaches who managed him in the younger grades he didnt deliever..yeh just one game but still

i wouldnt risk him unless we had to

we got better utility players going that have been groomed for this world cup especially.....he would be merely a backup player..not a reserve player even for tha abs

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