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[2023 TRC] South Africa vs Australia

What a pathetic showing from the wallabies. That is the most passive defence I have seen from any international team this World Cup cycle.

That, and not competing at the breakdown, were massive steps backward from the wallabies.

Not taking credit away from the boks who did well with what they were given, but They were able to get very quick recycles and play easily with ball in front passes and plenty of time for ball carriers to run with ball in two hands keeping the defence guessing.

Well executed by the boks, they looked very connected for a first test.

Wallabies to their credit had a very slick first try, with perfect passing.
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That was like an England performance from the end of Jones' reign: pathetic.
Australian rugby is Miles better in defence and at the breakdown. The reds that won 2021 super rugby AU were a massive joke of a team who couldn't tackle; so were all the other teams. Hell, people even thought Harry wilson was good, a guy who missed more tackles than he made.

The player stock to choose from for internationals was atrocious. They are much better now even if super rugby teams still aren't beating NZ teams much, they are at least more competitive.

38 per cent isn't bad given the quality of opposition they play, the players available before injuries, and then accounting for all the injuries.

Northern hemisphere teams are much better now and so is Argentina. Add to that the wallabies haven't been playing tier two nations.

The all blacks have had only a sixty percent success rate or something, and their player base s far better than Australia's. But the player base in Europe is good too, Frances definitely better.

There's no denying the wallabies can field a very strong team when at full strength, but rennie pretty much never had close to full strength. Yet he still almost beat Ireland with an under strength side. Eddie for this game has had a better set of players ti choose from than rennie ever did
Fair enough.

I don't think the Wallabies can field a very strong team anymore though. Even at full strength.

I like to think that Australian sporting teams, whilst not always the best, will always put in a shift. Hell, the Soceroos went into the world cup rated 31/32 and through a basic game plan and some determination made it to all the way to a knock out match where they pushed the eventual winners.

The Wallabies are ******* gutless. They don't event try. It's pathetic. Combine that with the fact RA have done exactly nothing to fix the structural issues in Australian rugby. How do you justify continued support?
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That was like an England performance from the end of Jones' reign: pathetic.
Yeah I hadn't been following Aussie rugby before Jones took over but a lot of the weaknesses that were there at the tail end of the Jones era were present in that Aussie team. How much of that is the coach and how much the players, I don't know. The lack of turnaround for England under a different coach makes it harder to judge.

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